2012 BMW ACS3 2.8 Turbo by AC Schnitzer

AC Schnitzer is one of the first tuners to offer an upgrade package for the new generation BMW 3-Series . Their kit, named ACS3 2.8 Turbo, is set to make its world debut next week at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, but until then the tuner has decided to offer us a few new details on the model.

Based on the BMW 328i, the new ACS3 2.8 will take the brand-new 2.0 liter four-cylinder engine and tuned it to deliver a total of 295 HP and a peak torque of 302 lb-ft, up from the standard 245 HP and 258 lb-ft of torque. This boost in power is accompanied by a sports rear silencer with two chromed "Racing" tailpipes in a right/left combination.

For the exterior, the tuner has added a front spoiler, chromed front grille, rear roof spoiler, rear spoiler, and rear skirt extension, complemented by designer stripes. The car will be offered with 18-, 19-, and 20-inch wheels combined with a suspension spring kit. For the interior, AC Schnitzer is offering a "Black Line" aluminum cover for the BMW "i-Drive" system controller, a "Black Line" aluminum handbrake handle, an aluminum pedal set, foot rests, and velour floor mats.

Sales for the BMW ACS3 2.8 Turbo by AC Schnitzer will begin in the summer of 2012.


I don’t see anything wrong with this. Unless, you’re going to show it on me, the errors found in this car. Its overall appearance is average while the output performance is great.

Shouldn’t it be appearing to be greatly competitive then? From its name, you could already tell its purpose.

Whoa, I didn’t expect it to be rather powerful because of its full classy appearance! Anyway, that would be ideal for a smooth ride.

AC Schnitzer’s tuning is a complete package for me, except the paint job is a bit cheap because of the unwise choice of colors and designing.

Its design came off negatively because of the bad choices of colors.

You’re right, but this is supposed to have the sporty appearance too anyway. It just happens that it didn’t blend well with most of its looks.

Just like what everyone else is complaining about, I hate those cheap red streaks. Those two colors never ever complement.

AC Shnitzer does have a sense of improvement in terms of speed and performance, but I guess they’re not good in working with aesthetics.

You’re right, but this is supposed to have the sporty appearance too anyway. It just happens that it didn’t blend well with most of its looks.

Everything’s almost perfect for me; the design, performance, and for some reason, the safety. However, one thing about the exterior paint job, I don’t like the streaks of silver and red altogether as it spoils its classy look.

Considering it has surpassed beyond the limits, obviously this was a good product. Nevertheless, aside from the great exterior/interior designs it offers, we should also know its safety features too, if there is any.

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