2012 BMW M3 Coupe Guerrilla by Cam Shaft

German tuner, Cam Shaft , recently got their hands on a BMW M3 Coupe and true to their reputation as tuners extraordinaire, they gave the German sports car a little identity modification.

In the end, the M3 Coupe Guerrilla was born.

Starting with a matte space-gray metallic foil called a Platinum Wrapping Film, Cam Shaft took the task of reinventing the M3’s sporty looks. In addition to the foliation work, which by the way cost €2,500 ($3,100), Cam Shaft also installed a new front apron from Racing Dynamics, a new stainless steel exhaust system from Akrapovic, sills from Hamann, KW coil overs, and a new set of 19" BBS-Le Mans rims. Inside, Cam Shaft treated the M3 Coupe’s interior with a number of new carbon fiber components and aluminum pedals.

There doesn’t appear to be any performance modifications given to the M3 Coupe Guerrilla, but even in standard form, it still carries an impressive 4.0-liter V8 engine that produces 420 horsepower.


The interior looks simple, and it doesn’t show features that will make us wow. The exterior is in gray metallic foil, which gives an intimidating look.

It’s just an awesome looking sports car.

Matt space gray color matches well to give a sportier look.

Cam Shaft gave this M3 coupe its best sporty look.

The exterior looks brilliant. This coupe looks more powerful than its V8 engine. Too bad for me, it has an output of 420HP.

The reinvention of exterior works well. This definitely becomes sportier than the standard M3. Thanks to the matte space-gray metallic foil it gives body and stance.

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