2012 BMW M3 Coupe Snow White by Mode Carbon

So what do cars and Snow White have in common? Absolutely nothing, right? Well, not according to Miami based tuner Mode Carbon who unveiled a pretty cool Snow White package for the BMW M3 Coupe. Mode Carbon’s Show White has been upgraded on both the exterior and the interior, but that’s not all. Carbon Mode also slapped a few upgrades under the hood.

For the exterior, the tuner added a carbon fiber GTS front spoiler, a carbon fiber rear diffuser, and a set of gloss black Competition wheels. As a final touch, the tuner also added a Vorsteiner bootlid - a reminder of the original CSL. The Bimmer’s interior has been modified with some help from Sonic MS, which provided a Performance Steering wheel with Verstrabe aluminum extended DCT shifter paddles, to bring the car back to its pure racing roots.

Under the hood, the stock 414-horsepower, V-8 engine has received a Dinan ECU tune in order to increase the output level a little bit — as if 414 ponies isn’t enough already. Unfortunately, Carbon Mode has yet to reveal just how many horses the ECU tune unleashed. There is also a new set of KW sleeves, wider competition wheels, and Michelin SS tires.

Press Release

Snow White by Mode Carbon

BMW M3 Coupe Snow White by Mode Carbon

Snow White is known for her classic beauty and purity. It’s only fitting that our Snow White, like the fictional character, carries herself with grace. Mode Carbon’s E92 program integrates seamlessly with the BMW competition package to ensure that this BMW is heavily confined to its M heritage.

To start things off, Snow White visited Sonic MS for some major interior and exterior upgrades. Proper attention was devoted to the finer details, without being overly obtrusive to the overall appearance. The Performance Steering wheel with Verstrabe aluminum extended DCT shifter paddles gives the driver a special feeling that comes from sitting behind a car with track capability.

BMW M3 Coupe Snow White by Mode Carbon

Our Mode Carbon GTS Front Spoiler, along with our Mode Carbon Street Diffuser in the rear, transforms the fascia into a statement with a polished sense of refinement. Our carbon fibre collection along with the gloss black Competition wheels screams BMW Racing Heritage. The finishing exterior touch is a Vorsteiner bootlid, a design element that gives us flashbacks to a modern classic: the original CSL.

Various performance and handling modifications set this M3 apart from the standard 4.0 liter V8 beast. Subtle, yet important tweaks were made to the chassis including the KW sleeves, wider competition wheels and Michelin SS’s to make her grip tight. RPi airscoops and a Dinan ECU tune provide modest horsepower gains and a noticeable improvement to the throttle response.

BMW M3 Coupe Snow White by Mode Carbon

Inside and out, Snow White is a clean beauty that sticks to her pure racing roots. This M3 is striking and traditional. It maintains a super clean appearance for the street, while infused with a multitude details that serve as a constant reminder of the M3’s that have been gracing the circuits for decades.


most likely it is because them to imagine two things in one: a car and a woman

oh, oh! I found an explanation for the name! likely, it’s addressed to men ... they called it so to exempt them from the issue of naming the carsmiley)))

nice car but did not impress me too much. and the name ... to be serious

grate! another super car that probably I will never afford smiley

i really like carbon fiber enhancements. they are super!

I think they ran out of inspiration or they are some dreamers

snow white?! really?! what kind of name is that?

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