2012 BMW M3 GTS5 by Vorsteiner

Now that BMW is preparing to say good bye to the current generation M3 , Vorsteiner has found its own personal way to commemorate the retirement of a very cool sports coupe. The tuner is offering a GTS5 Front Bumper package which will be built in a limited run of only 88 units.

The new package offered by Vorsteiner transforms the M3 from ordinary to extraordinary, even if the modifications are minimal. The new front bumper comes with added vertical vents which enhance the aesthetics of the front bumper and also serve as a functional air flow for brake cooling.

Aside from the new bumper, the package also gets an integrated carbon fiber front lip that detaches from the bumper for easy replacement in the event of road damage. Add the white exterior paint finish, the matte black hood, and wheels into the mix, and you have a BMW M3 that will surely set you apart from the rest.


It’ll surely be a flower in a hay if there is nothing to show on that empty desert except the Dodge Viper.

Why it’ll not stand-out if the Viper is the only good reason on looking at that image? Honestly, I don’t know why they have created that scenery.

I’m not surprised on this at all. This BMW is basically everywhere; They’re probably plagued by its obnoxious image and were intrigued by its performance, but this GTS5 of Vorsteiner makes this a new outrageous running body on land.

The image is really artistic. Despite the intense dryness of the Mojave Desert, the Viper achieved a remarkable beauty in the midst of nowhere. It was like the flower in the middle of the desert, and the calm in the raging storm.

Oh It is suitable for a very cool sports coupe everybody is dreaming of.

White exterior paint finish, matte black hood, and wheels into the mix, you have a BMW M3 that will surely set you apart from the rest.

If Vorsteiner wanted to prove themselves on having the M3 look different, stronger, and unique I must say they didn’t fail on that.

The forged wheels are one of its best features. Vorsteiner applied more descent looks. I hope that they could offer shirts at the same time.

2012 BMW M3 GTS5 by Vorsteiner

The hood and front fascia are better than the standard M3.

Aside from having enhanced it’s exterior look with the carbon fiber front lip. They have also applied some cooling effects on the aesthetics.

I don’t know if the following set of modifications is enough. Maybe more on its handling and drive ability will do.

Why it has received only minimal modifications? I noticed that still of its components is lacking, just like its grip and brake lock.

So as of now, there were no official details of the M3, tuned by Vorsteiner?

It definitely leveled in Gallardo stance. Its intakes in front make it grabbed stronger appearance.

I like the front bumper of this car. It’s definitely unique from the other.

The enhancement on its aesthetics makes it more matured.

It enhanced its aesthetics, but the sportier appearance is not. It looks great except for the new bumper.

With its new front bumper, it looked grumpy. The large air intakes don’t suit the M3.

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