2012 BMW M5 F10 by Prior Design

It’s only been less than a day since BMW introduced their new M5 Concept and we already have the first tuning firm that’s stepped forward to announce a new aerodynamic kit program for the German sports car.

The lucky tuning company that appears to be the first of its kind to prepare a tuning program for the M5 F10 Concept is Prior Design. The early-bird tuning program has become kind of a recent specialty for the German tuning firm after the company made a similar preview of their styling tune-up for the BMW 6-Series Coupe just a few weeks ago.

Granted, specific details behind Prior Design’s aerodynamic kit for the 2012 M5 F10 is still being kept under wraps, at least until the summer time of this year. For now, the tuning company released these teaser photos of their latest project, one that we expect would keep the aggressive details of the M5 F10 while also coming with some refreshed aesthetic modifications.

Coming from the very same people that previewed their project for the 6-Series Coupe, we’re not expecting anything less from these guys.


It seems that everyone have a lot of expectations on this concept since the team responsible here is the same group that built the 6 series. Well, its BMW, so for sure we could expect only the best!

Man, Prior Design definitely deserve their name. They are rather fast in coming up with these tuning packages nowadays. And their work is pretty good too.

Whoa, that was fast. It seems that a lot of tuners now have their eyes on the M5. But this one is actually a rather nice take on the car, and the color choice is actually good.

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