2012 BMW X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Edition

BMW is readying yet another X1 variant for this year’s Fall lineup with the new X1 sDrive20d EfficientDynamics Edition. This new model will be powered by a four cylinder engine that delivers a total of 163 HP and delivers an average fuel consumption of 4.5 liters/100 km with a CO2 emission of only 119 grams per kilometer. With these numbers, the new model will become the most fuel efficient X model yet.

The engine for the new X1 has been optimized with a centrifugal force pendulum in the dual-mass flywheel, which compensates vibration experienced at low engine speeds, thus providing more riding comfort when the vehicle is driven within the economic low engine speed range. The gear-shift point indicator fitted as standard has been adapted to suit the new engine characteristics.

The new engine will also be combined with brake energy regeneration, Auto Start Stop function, electromechanical power steering, a disengageable air-conditioning compressor, and tires with reduced rolling resistance.

All told, the BMW X1 lineup will include three petrol and four diesel power units with power ranging from 143 to 245 HP.


I think its horsepower if just only enough for this SUV. Well, it doesn’t really need to have a powerful engine for the fact that it is not a sport car. Anyway, I must say that it truly looks cool on its aesthetic design.

163 horsepower is definitely not good enough for this vehicle. However, I have to agree that it really looks cool and exclusive on its exterior detailing especially on its body paint.

Yeah! The hygienic looks of this BMW X1, was absolutely very stunning and looking so great on it, but I’m quite wondering also if what will be the interior of this one looks like.

Me either, I’m impressed and amazed with the decency and sporty image of this BMW X1. Well, as for the speed performance of this car, I don’t think that it is impressive.

I really like the improvements that they have done on the X1. That car is really quite something, but they have managed to make it even better. Good work.

Whoa, an EfficientDynamics version of the X1? That one is certainly a great news indeed. Actually, I was hoping that they do that one, and now, this is it. Kudos to BMW.

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