2012 BMW Z4 sDrive23i Flame Edition

The Chinese market is well on its way to become the biggest automotive market in the world, so it’s not at all surprising that automakers are sending them special editions by the boatload. BMW sent them the beautiful M3 Tiger Edition last year, and this year they are bringing the special Z4 sDrive23i Flame Edition.

The Flame Edition gets its name from the special desert yellow metallic paint on the exterior. This color was inspired by the Art Karma desert located in the central west coast of South America. Combined with a new set of 17-inch alloy wheels, this paint provides the Z4 with a dynamic and elegant appearance.

The incredible exterior look is highlighted by the elegant touches in the interior. The special BMW Z4 sDrive23i Flame Edition features Alcantara / Nappa leather combined with yellow stitching, a yellow center console, and Alcantara trim for the doors and the center panels. BMW is also offering a personalized version of the piano black trim to provide the Flame Edition with an even cleaner look.


It looks so elegant on its body paint. Anyway, I don’t agreed with you guys, for me, it has an impressive appearance. Well, I will surely wait for the figure performance of this one.

It is absolutely a cool roadster! I bet car lovers would really desire to have this one, especially if it was on an impressive and more efficient engine than on what they usually adopt for their vehicle.

This vehicle is already looked great on its yellow body paint, and even though it is only on their typical platform, I still find it very attractive. Well, I am just hoping that it would also have a nice speed performance.

It looks so cool with its yellow body paint; I also noticed that the side rim of it is truly very awesome! However, I wonder if it as well has an impressive and efficient engine specification?

Worst car ever. I Was going around 100 km/hour when suddenly a car around 11 meters in front of me stopped, I kept pressing on the brakes and it does not stop, now it’s TOTAL LOSS. It’s 2012 moved only 2000 km. My email is yousifbassit@.

I wonder if what will be the engine of this one? Well, I hope they use some impressive engine for this one. Anyway, I love its aesthetic design, and it absolutely looks great on its body paint.

It is already looking great on that body paint and yes, the car lines that it had added more appeal on this one. I just don’t like its headlights. smiley I can’t wait for this one.

It maybe looks so simple, but I still find it very appealing and seem so stunning on its body paint but I wondered also if it can also offer some remarkable figure performance and even interior features.

Not so impressive but I congratulate BMW for a great outcome since they are just on their way to explore new great innovations.. One thing more, they are not on sports cars but more on luxurious cars..

I love the body paint that they used on this convertible car. It looks so elegant on that. Anyway, I don’t agree with you guys, for me, it had an impressive appearance. Well, I will surely wait for the figure performance of this one.

I’m just simply impressed with its sleek body paint. It’s still had the aggressive looks just like the other convertible sports car. Anyway, I will surely be looking forward to another updated news about this one.

Just like the other car BMW, this one had the same appearance like their other car but anyway, I can say that I’m impressed with the looks of this convertible car though there are still more beautiful and impressive convertible cars.

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