2013 BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe by Hamann

In April 2012, German tuner Hamann released their program for the new BMW 6-Series, a car that has been a fixation of ours for quite some time now. But as it turns out, Hamann’s got more up its sleeve with a teaser photo of their latest offering, this time for the 6-Series Gran Coupe.

Nothing much in the way of details have been revealed, but look for some significant modifications from the people who know what it takes to build some serious programs for their cars. Judging from the picture, there appears to be a slew of new components added into the car, including revised bumpers, new side skirts, a boot lid wing, an unmistakable Hamann bonnet, and a new set of Hamann wheels.

Performance modifications - if there are any - are still being kept under wraps so we’ll have to wait for more details on whether Hamann has improvements for the 6-Series Gran Coupe’s 445-horsepower 4.4-liter V8 engine. Looking at what Hamann showed us, though, we have to say that the components look mighty impressive, to say the least.

UPDATE 12/10/12: Hamann has released a new batch of photos of their 6er Gran Coupe F06 program. Check ’em out in the gallery below!


Oh the performance and modifications are still on the process. I hope they have the supercharged engine to give this 6-series a boosting appearance.

Quite bulky on the first look. However, the combination of black hood and the vinyl paint looks great.

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