2013 BMW Gran Touring

Just a few days ago BMW has unveiled the 6-Series Gran Coupe - competitor for Mercedes famous CLS luxury four-door coupe. And, as Mercedes has promised a CLS Shooting Break - set to be released in March 2012 at the Geneva Motor Show - of course there might be a possibility for BMW to offer a Touring version for their Gran Coupe model.

Of course that exactly like with the CLS Shooting Brake the BMW Gran Touring model will add some extra space, but will feature the same design language and technology as with the sedan version.

If built, the Touring model will be powered by a TwinPower turbo 6-cylinder engine with an output of 315 HP at 5,800 to 6,000 rpm and a peak torque of 330 lbs-ft delivered between 1,300 and 4,500 rpm. The model will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.4 seconds and will hit a top speed of 155 mph.


It’s just an average luxury car for me. I guess that this will release worldwide before the year ends.

@Audilicious I agree with you. It’s powerful engine makes it faster than we expected since it has longer wheelbase.

Gran Touring is undeniably dynamic, but its power isn’t enough for a speedier run.

Because of its figure and weight, I presume that this won’t be as fast the supercars. Even so, I won’t say that this is slow either.

It’s nice that BMW is aware that its figure affects its speedy performance, so they have installed a more powerful engine.

Cool! BMW has put an appropriate amount to its speed because of course, the performance also depends on its built.

As it is lengthy and wide, the great amount of horsepower is needed. The speed is astoundingly fast for this vehicle.

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