By the end of the decade, BMW hopes to have about one million FWD BMW and Mini models produced per year. These latest spy shots show the German automaker’s next step towards that goal with the new FAST (Family Activity Sports Tourer), which joins the CAT (Compact Activity Tourer) and the JOY (Compact Sports Commuter Concept). The new BMW FAST will be put on sale in late 2015, but expect a concept version to debut sometime in 2014.

The BMW FAST is the first BMW with front wheel drive and paves the way to a new era of BMW vehicles. It will be built on BMW’s new UKL1 platform which is being shared with all future mini BMW and Mini models, and will be offered in both front wheel drive and wheel drive versions.

Power for BMW’s new FWD city car will come from a line of both N38 petrol and N37 diesel engines small enough to fit under that short hood. This would be a 1.5L engine that will produce a range of 75 HP - 155 HP. The top of the line model will feature an inline-six cylinder engine with about 326 HP. A three-cylinder engine will also be offered.

Spy Shots

July 10, 2014 - BMW FAST shows once again


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I thought they based the name of the car on the speed performance of because the performance of this one is not that impressive. By the way, they must come up for more upgrades to make a better car.

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