2016 BMW X1

Alongside the 1 Series hatchback , BMW is also preparing to make some changes for the smallest SUV in its lineup: the X1 . However, do not expect to see it happen until the 2015 model year.

As with the 1 Series models, the new X1 will focus on improving the SUV’s general look, cabin comfort and fuel consumption. As a result, the X1 will take inspiration from the latest models in the BMW lineup, like the 5 Series and 3 Series .

As for the interior, standard equipment will include all the latest BMW technologies, and most likely, the latest ConnectDrive technology will be offered for those interested.

As for the engines, BMW will keep the current engine lineup, but with modifications made in order to lower fuel consumption. Start-Stop, xDrive and other technologies like this will also be offered, while a hybrid version is a big possibility.

UPDATE 07/03/2012: British magazine Autocar has learned a few more things about the upcoming generation BMW X1. According to the magazine, the next X1 will drop the current rear-wheel-drive platform in favor of a new front-drive architecture which will be shared with the next 1-Series GT and the second-generation Mini Countryman. The new platform is known as the UKL (German for "Unter Klasse" or "entry level") and will be combined with a Haldex style multi-plate clutch. It will also be offered exclusively with four-cylinder engines.

Updated 07/14/2014: Today we created a very cool rendering for the future X1. Check it out after the jump.

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We based our rendering on the idea that the next X1 will be an evolution rather than a revolution. The biggest change will be of course the new headlamps which will get the car’s fascia more in line with the rest of the SUVs like the X3,X6. Also, the kidney grille will be in a higher position and will have less height and width than before. Also, the lower air intakes at the front will be significantly larger than the current generation.

Spy Shots

July 10, 2014 - BMW X1 starts dropping cammo


December 10, 2013 - 2015 BMW X1 begins road testings


Unfortunately, the prototype is so heavily camouflaged in these spy shots, so we cannot make out any of the details. What we do know is that this is, in fact the new X1, and that it is a good ways away from production. We’ll keep an eye out for more prototypes out testing and update you as soon as we catch them.

January 17, 2014 - First winter testings


Nothing new here, except that we get to see the X1 in the powdery white substance that is foreign to us Floridians.


I’m still impressed with this for the fact that this kind of vehicle is so reliable on the road and very practical to use with everyday transportation. Moreover, it already looks great on its body paint.

BMW X1 is a good concept for them. Looking by this car, it is quite impressive with its looks and design. I’m excited with the interior of this one, what the article said about it sounds really great.

That is impossible albe_winston. It is a SUV, so I don’t think they will use a V12 engine because it only fits for a super car or a sports car. The car cannot handle that kind of engine and may put the car into flames.

Is that face of their future car? Well, it doesn’t have any difference with the current version. Hmm. BMW, has the same design.. I think its much better if they make a engine using V12 technology.

I agree with you on that one. The X1 is really good for those people wanting to have a small car, but also needing a large enough cargo space.

well, in my case, the X1 would be much more ideal. I am living in the city, so it would be hard to make use of a larger vehicle here, which makes the X1 a good choice.

Well, the X1is not really the best in BMW’s line of SUV’s. The X5 will certainly be more. But I do agree with you that the X1 is much better when it comes to handling

I agree with you guys about the X1. The biggest draw of this for me is that the car is really easy to handle. And it is actually quite spacious for its size.

I am a bit surprised that they have actually released this one this early. It seems that they are really bent on promoting the X1 a lot, which is a rather good move actually.

Yes! They’re finally releasing information about the 2015 X1. I an really so looking forward to this car, as I consider this as one of the best rides that they have released in two years.

Wow! BMW gives a different look for the SUV. This one really looks good and the details are simply awesome. I can’t wait for the future line up for the M3 series.

Well, this one is really looking good to me. Actually, the X-1 is my favorite in BMW’s SUV line. The small size of this one makes it ideal for city dwellers like me.

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