2016 BMW X2

The fact that BMW is considering adding another model to their X family has been rumored for a very long time. According to these rumors, the new model will be called the X2 and will debut sometime in 2016. It will be appropriately placed between the X1 and the X3 in the line-up.

A very interesting fact about the upcoming X2 is that it will lose two doors, making it a German alternative to the Land Rover Evoque . Other than that, little to nothing is known about the model other than what speculations have stated. The car may still be at the drawing board, it has been rumored that it will borrow the engine line-up from the current generation 1-Series , meaning that we will most likely get a choice of two petrol and three diesel engines. Expect to see an increased output compared to the 1-Series, after all this model will offer SUV capabilities. Also expect to see both FWD and AWD versions.

The BMW X2 is internally known as the F47 and will arrive on the market in 2016, after BMW brings in the new generation X1.

Updated 03/21/2014: BMW confirmed that the X2 will go into production in 2017 and will be offered only in xDrive configuration. The model will be based on the X1 and will be offered in both five and three-doors versions. (Bimmerpost)

Source: Autobild



Can’t see much of the photo of this BMW. But on that platform, I can say that this doesn’t look that fine on its exterior looks. I think it will stand out on its engine specs right after this article get an update.

I love the design of this car. Its not simple yet it doesn’t look so luxurious as well. Moreover, the color of this BMW X2 is really stunning, I wonder about its engine specification. Lastly, the wheels suits for the design of this car.

It looks like a Hyundai Tucson on its side view picture. Anyway, I can’t see any special features of this BMW X2 but I would still wait for an official details about it. I hope that it has a surprising character so that it will really be worth waiting for.

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