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People have been talking about a possible BMW X4 for quite some time now and now that the concept version has been officially unveiled, those rumors have been officially confirmed. To add a little extra fuel to the X4 fire, there are now rumors about a possible X4M version. Not a big surprise though, considering that almost each model in BMW’s lineup also has an M version.

The upcoming BMW X4M comes as a direct competitor to high-performance variants of the upcoming Porsche Macan and will go on sale in 2015. The X4M is dubbed internally as "an M3 on stilts" and will be powered by the same M3 in-line six-cylinder engine that is derived from an extensively reworked N55. The engine will be mated to an M-engineered torque-sensing differential, which will drive all four wheels. BMW will also offer an advanced electronically controlled torque vectoring system, and X4M-specific springs, bushes and damping rates.

From the M3 the future X4M will be also adopting the BMW M’s Electro-mechanical steering and a revised M-DCT transmission. On the exterior the X4M will use typical M design elements, including a more current M-Type kidney grille, exterior mirrors, subtle rear boot lid spoiler, traditional quad exhausts and a full carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastic roof - a first for an X-Series M model.

Updated 05/12/2014: New details on the future X4M suggest that the model could arrive in 2017, and will carry the high-powered, turbocharged six-cylinder currently under development for the upcoming M2. This engine is rumored to deliver around 280 horsepower. (Drive)

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Update History

Updated 04/15/2013: With the prototype X4 images in hand, we were able to bring you a revised rendering of the upcoming X4M. You can see the image above and have a look at the old rendering in the gallery. You can see a comparison of our two renderings after the jump Enjoy!


According to reports, engineers claim that the X4M will carry the same turbocharged, I-6 engine as the upcoming M2. This engine will produce around 280 horsepower, and will likely be in the 3-liter range in displacement. More details will roll out as we near its production, but chances are that this engine will feature TwinPower Turbo Technology, like other turbocharged Bimmers.


Porsche Macan

Porsche Macan

By the time the new BMW X4M arrives on the market, Porsche will have added the new Macan to its lineup. The model is expected to be unveiled sometime later this year and will be offered with quite an impressive lineup of engines.

The most powerful version will be the Macan Turbo, which will be powered by a new 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-6 engine that will produce 370 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. Next there will be a new four-cylinder engine with 220 horsepower. the final model will be the S version, which will come with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine that will develop 295 horsepower.

For European customers, Porsche will also offer a new 2.0-liter turbo diesel with 190 horsepower. A hybrid version will also be offered, just like for any other model in the lineup, and it will combine a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine with an electric motor, producing a total output of 241 horsepower.

Range Rover Evoque Sport

Range Rover Evoque Sport

When it comes to small SUVs, the Evoque is one of our favorites. It entered the market in 2010 and since then it has been enjoying some success. Land Rover is rumored to soon offer a Sport version for the SUV and we hear that it will be unveiled sometime in early 2014.

The future Evoque Sport will be offered with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, tuned to deliver more than 300 horsepower and for the diesel fans, the company is also going to offer a 2.2-liter SD4 engine with about 210 horsepower.

TopSpeed Rendering History

Rendering No. 1


Our first rendering came shortly after rumors began swirling about am M variant of the X4 model. As you can see, this initial rendering was pretty close to what the X4 Prototype ended up looking like, but it was off ever so slightly.

Rendering No. 2


Our second rendering, which we based off of the X4 prototype, cleans up most of the basic construction issues that we were not aware would be present on the prototype version. As you can see here, we added in the more pronounced indentation at the basic of the doors, reshaped the headlights to add in the flare on the outer edge and the harder angles,and we added in the ridge that spans from the rear doors to the taillights. Given this is based off of the actual prototype images, it should be pretty close to what we’ll see.

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