BMW X6 by Hamann

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After Hartge unveiled last week its tuning kit for the recently launched Bmw X6 , today it’s Hamann’s turn to unveil its customization programme for the German Sports Activity Coupe.

BMW X6 by Hamann

The only improvement we see on the car are the new side skirts which give the car a plus of sportivity but according to our sources the tuner focused on the engines and re-programmed them as it follows: the 3.0d is now capable to develop 256 hp and 600 Nm of torque while the 3.5d develops 320 hp and 660 Nm of torque. More informations after the official informations will be released, so stay tuned!


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first of all i never called him dumb i asked him second i am not russian and my name is not mounir and thid how can an old discontinued model that looks like a torn up hummer be better than this

and ak 47 why wont you tell me where your from

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my only problem with the X6 is the looks. i know that has some tech that make it a good carand a great engine that develops enought hp, but it looks like someone took some parts from an X5 and add it to a 6-Series Coupe, i almost forgot... in europe the standard model costs around 60000 Euro, so it’s a little expensive.

this is way better than the land cruiser and the discovery are you dumb and FYI sav will be incliding in the suv segment.

I’m sorry but you are wrong. first of all BMW says about X6 that is a Sports Activity Coupe, so it can’t be an SUV (sports utility vehicle). second the best SUV’s are Land rover Discovery and Toyota Land Cruiser.

R u guys dumb the x6 is by far the best suv ever it kicks cayennes and all other suv’s

I want to recommend something to the tuning companies: try to make that monstrosity look like a normal car, because BMW did a poor job.

White seams a better color for the X6, but i still don’t like the shape of the car!

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