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German tuner AC Schnitzer announced a new upgrade package for the entire BMW M6 lineup: coupe , convertible and Grand Coupe . With the new tuning kit, AC Schnitzer wanted to prove that the model was specially designed for more: more power, more torque, more speed and more aerodynamic.

As expected, AC Schnitzer spent most of its time under the hood of the M6. The tuner updated the 4.4-liter V-8 engine to deliver a total of 620 horsepower and 582 pound-feet of torque — up from the stock 560 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque. With the extra 60 horsepower the M6 can now hit a top speed of 189 mph - up from the base 155 mph. Additionally, AC Schnitzer announced that the Gran Coupe variant now carries a 0-to-100 km/h (62 mph) time of 4.1 seconds — 0.1 seconds faster than the standard model.

The extra power required extra driving dynamics. To help in this area, AC Schnitzer installed a new suspension spring kit that lowers the car’s ride by 15 mm (0.59 inches) up front and 25 mm (0.98 inches) at the rear.

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BMW just unveiled the revisions for the current-gen BMW 5 Series and our spy photographers already caught the next generation on its way to a testing session. According to the first details we have the next generation 5 Series will arrive on the market in 2016 with lots of improvements when compared to the current generation.

Recent reports suggest that the next 5 Series will lose some weight, thanks to the use of the next-generation 7 Series -derived CFRP technology. The same reports also suggest that the car’s exterior design will be inspired by the Vision Connected Drive concept, while the interior will be stuffed with the latest driver assistance systems.

Under its hood, the new 5 Series will offer an improved version of the current engine lineup, but a high-efficient three-cylinder diesel engine is also rumored to be offered.

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The current-generation BMW M3 Coupe went into production in 2007, and now, 40,000 units later, the company announced the model was officially taken out of production. Along with these M3 Coupe units, BMW also sold a total of 10,000 sedans and 16,000 convertible units, which will remain in production until September 2013.

During the car’s 6 years of production, the most important markets were the U.S., Great Britain and Germany. Special versions launched during the years includes an art car developed by U.S. artist Jeff Koons , an M3 GT2 raced in the American Le Mans series where it obtained five titles and a victory at the Nurburgring 24-hour race.

Since 2007, the M3 Coupe received no major updates and it retained the same glorious V-8 engine under its hood.

The BMW M3 Coupe will be replaced by the future BMW M4 Coupe .

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It’s not very often that a smaller vehicle is a company’s flagship, but we don’t care what BMW might tell you about the 7 Series , the 3 Series is the automaker’s top dog. Its styling has always worked and never been vulgar like some other models in the BMW lineup. Additionally, it’s won more awards from the automotive press than the Los Angeles Lakers have NBA titles.

Believe it or not, the 3 Series has been around since 1975, but it really came into its own in 1992, when it won the first of 19 straight "Car and Driver 10 Best" awards. In 2006, it won the "World Car of the Year" and also the What Car? "Car of the Year" awards. Under the hood, the 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-six won the "International Engine of the Year Award" for 2007.

To keep up with this impressive tradition, the sixth generation 3 Series unveiled at BMW’s plant in Munich has been built as a revolution and not as an evolution. The new model sets new benchmarks in terms of sporting prowess, elegance, and comfort, and has grown significantly in size compared to its predecessor.

Update 06/28/2013: This review has been updated to include the 2013 model year.

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Even though it has been out of production for over a year now, the 1 Series M Coupe remains one of the coolest models ever offered by BMW . To sweeten the pot even more, BMW built just 2,700 units, making it one of the most appreciated BMW models.

German tuner, Sportec, obviously loves the 1 Series M, as it is serving up a pair of upgrades for the compact Bimmer. In its natural state, the 1M Coupe is plenty powerful, as it delivers a total of 335 horsepower at 5,900 rpm and 332 pound-feet of torque from 1,500 rpm to 4,500 rpm. This is enough to launch the compact coupe to 60 mph in just 4.6 seconds.

In Level 1, Sportec reprogrammed the ECU to push the output to a total of 385 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. By our estimation, Level 1 should drop the naught to 60 mph time to about 4.3 seconds.

Level 2 is more complex, as and includes a larger oil cooler, a downpipe with 100-cell metal catalytic converter and a sports air filter. As a result, the TwinPower 3.0-liter in-line-6 engine delivers a total of 420 horsepower and 479 pound-feet of torque, which we estimate to drop the 0-to-60 time to just over 4 seconds.

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The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo is still a relative baby in the industry after only making its debut in 2009. But in the short time that its been around, the 5er GT has made quite an impression on a lot of people, but not exactly for the right reasons.

Next to the 5 Series Sedan and Touring , BMW will also be offering a facelift version for the not-so-successful 5 Series GT.

Just like with the sedan and touring, the 5 Series GT has received a host of changes to its design to make it a little more enticing to the public, including a new front bumper, a slightly revised grille, and a new headlight design. On the backside, it will receive a new bumper and taillights with new graphics. All these changes, while extensive in description, don’t really add the kind of eye-popping upgrades that we were looking for in the 2014 model.

The interior of the 5 Series GT is wonderful, though. That’s pretty important considering that with its young age relative to its competitors - the Audi S6 and the Mercedes E-Class, among them - BMW needed something to catch some eyes and pique their interests.

Where the 5 Series GT has the leg up though is the impressive powertrain options being offered. The old N55 engine is still alive and kicking, as is the world famous N63 powertrain that gives some serious noise under the hood of that fastback.

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Earlier this year, BMW took a 4 Series Coupe equipped with the M Sport package out for some testing sessions and now it’s the convertible’s turn to don the same M-Sport look. The prototype caught testing by our spy photographers is painted Melbourne Red and was caught testing just outside the BMW Workshop at the Nürburgring in Germany.

The Convertible version of the new 4 Series model is expected to arrive in the next few weeks and will be put into production at the end of 2013. The model will adopt the same look we have seen in the coupe version, except of course the fixed roof.

Under the 4 Series’ hood, we will also see an engine lineup similar to the coupe version, with the American market receiving two different alternatives: a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that delivers a total of 240 horsepower and a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter in-line-six engine with 300 horsepower.

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Now that we have finally seen the next-generation BMW 3 Series , it’s time to focus on the coupe version of the model, AKA the 4 Series Coupe . First details on the new 4 Series Coupe have just been released and the production will start in July 2013.

When thinking about the new 4 Series Coupe, think of it as a small 6 Series with design elements inspired by the 3 Series sedan. When compared to the model it replaces, the 4 Series Coupe is larger in width and wheelbase and sits considerably lower to the road.

Everything else on the new 4 Series Coupe is clearly inspired by the 3 Series sedan, including the double-kidney grille, headlights and engine lineup.

The 4 Series Coupe will be followed by a convertible model shortly.

Update 06/14/2013: This review has been updated with the official details, images and specs.

Update 07/01/2013: BMW has dropped a first product film video for the new 4-Series Coupe, showing the car in action in some engaging surroundings. Enjoy!

Update 07/09/2013: BMW U.S.A. dropped the official configurator for the new 4 Series Coupe. You can go online and play, and also create the sports coupe of your dreams. You can also click past the jump and learn prices for the packages and options.

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BMW has been twiddling around with the BMW X4 since 2008 when the idea of a sportier version of the X3 was looking like a profitable venture. Back then, the German automaker was calling it a Sport Activity Sedan (SAS) and had thought they might be able to crank it out in 2010. Obviously that didn’t pan out, but plans for the X6’s smaller brother are still in the works, with a possible debut in 2013.

As you can see from the leaked prototype image provided above, the BMW X4 will get many of its exterior components from the X3 , including the use of the X3’s platform. Rumors suggest that the future vehicle will be produced at the company’s Spartanburg plant in South Carolina, which would be fitting considering the passion we, as Americans, have for SUVs.

Do we need another sporty off-roader to cram into our parking spaces and guzzle up more gas? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean that the future BMW X4 won’t zoom right out of dealerships when it finally goes on sale.

UPDATE 04/05/2013: BMW has officially lifted the veil from the X4 Concept to confirm that the leaked concept images are, in fact, a reality. Also released were three videos of the new X4 concept (above). BMW went rather deep into the design of the X4 Concept, but left any details regarding the drivetrain out. See the details after the jump and you can find the images in the gallery.

UPDATE 04/17/2013: BMW has dropped a set of new images for the X4 Concept car. Find them in the picture gallery!

UPDATE 06/14/2013: The folks over at BMW Blog were at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, and caught the real-life X4 concept sitting on the floor. So they did what any auto-loving bloggers would do: snap tons of images and put them online. The new images are after the jump and more in the Gallery.

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When Apple released the first bits of information on the iOS in the Car system just yesterday, we saw a long list of premium automakers that have already signed up, like Mercedes and Jaguar . One that was not on the list that we figured was just hung up in the details was BMW . Well, a new report tells us that there was more to Bimmer not being on the list than meets the eye.

A BMW spokesperson said "The upshot is that as we have such an advanced multimedia offer that has been in vehicles in various guises for more than a decade, it would not be that straight forward to start changing all of the architecture of a car as has been implied [by Apple]." So, basically, the changes that BMW would have to make to crowbar in the new Apple system would be way too great to warrant installing the iOS in the Car system.

BMW and Apple have worked together in the past, so it comes as a bit of a surprise that the Bavarian automaker will not support the system for the foreseeable future. Fortunately for Bimmer drivers, BMW’s interfaces are plenty advanced and have a decade-long track record, so there is no worrying about sticking with an outdated or non-functional system. Additionally, BMW will support Apples new Siri Eyes Free system.

We wouldn’t be too surprised to see Apple work its way into BMW sometime in the next five years, or so, but that may take some massaging of the iOS system to appease BMW. Another good reason for BMW breaking down is if iOS in the Car becomes a smash hit, then it would be doing its buyers a disservice by leaving it out.

Stay tuned for more details…

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