2012 Mercedes CLS by Brabus

With the new generation Mercedes CLS recently launched it was just a matter of time until it would caught tuner’s attention. And it did, time time from Brabus. This time they have only focused on the standard version, but a more powerful kit based on the CLS63 AMG model has also been announced.

Their package for the CLS includes both interior and exterior updates, but also a pretty impressive engine update. While for the standard CLS the tuner revealed no details, they promised that for the AMG version the 5.5-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine will be tuned to deliver an impressive 730 HP (up from a standard of 525 HP).

And for the interior there is the usual Brabus front and rear bumper, new side skirts, lots of LED lights, Brabus logo and of course a new set of wheels. There is no words about the interior just yet, but be sure it will be more sportier than ever.


This version car, has a similar concept don’t know much if that is another manufacturer of same Brasus, I’m quite sure with the common similarity that I notice, headlights, gear and some point with the mouthed part.

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