Ever wonder what’s hiding underneath the camouflage of what supposedly was the next-generation CLS 63 AMG ? Well, the cat is finally out of the bag.

In these renderings that we’ve obtained, we finally get a close-up look at the new CLS to come out of the wood-work and by goodness, this tuned up luxury car is poised to give the Aston Martin Rapide , the Porsche Panamera Turbo , and the yet-to-be-released Audi S7 a serious run for their money.

In addition to the svelte and aggressive styling that makes it look modern, fresh, and ultimately sexy, the next-gen CLS AMG is expected to come with a 6.3-liter V8 engine that produces somewhere around 525 horsepower and is mated to a Speedshift MCT 7-speed gearbox. And true to its tuning roots, Brabus even gave this CLS quite an upgrade, improving its suspension, braking, and aerodynamic features from the standard CLS models, which, incidentally, was unveiled just a few weeks ago.

Needless to say, we’re dying to see this luxury beast out on the streets someday. When that will be is still anyone’s guess, but if it looks as good as these renderings, then this car better hit dealerships sometime soon.

Brabus has gone to the extremes. First they tuned Mercedes’ most powerful sports car: the SLS AMG , and now they have turned to one of the most luxurious models in the line-up: the SL600 . The new Brabus "iBusiness" SV12 R model is not only about high performance, but also about innovative multimedia technology.

We won’t talk too much about the engine, as it is one that you should be familiar with by now: an SV12 R Biturbo 750 12-cylinder engine with an output of 750 hp. This provides the luxury sedan with a top speed of 211 mph.

What we will focus on is the car’s technology. Apple seems to have given away the cow as this luxury sedan is completely outfitted with Apple components. The brains of the operation is a 15.2-inch TFT display with 16:9 aspect ratio and internet connection via UMTS and HSDPA. To that, an ultra-small Mac minicomputer is added under the rear shelf. This minicomputer is hidden by an electronic door that looks like the computer itself. Controlling these computers is made easy with the use of twoiPads located in the front passenger seat as well as in the backseat. These iPads not only control the computers, put can also navigate through the entire multimedia center including the radio, navigation system, and telephone. And, of course, there is Alcantara and leather all over the interior.

Check out all of the exact specifications in the press release after the jump.

The Mercedes SLS AMG has been on everyone’s lips at some point or another this year and it would be absolutely shocking if the German tuner, Brabus, hadn’t jumped at the opportunity to revamp the sports car to their own liking. Don’t get ahead of yourselves, though, this kit only includes cosmetic changes for right now.

The kit includes aerodynamic-enhancement components made from carbon fiber, ultra-lightweight forged wheels, an electronically adjustable smooth-ride suspension (Ride Control) suspension, a titanium exhaust system with bypass gate, and upgrades to the interior.

The new exhaust system may provide a little help in the horsepower department while the new aerodynamic package may assist as well. The aerodynamic kit includes a new front spoiler, new air outlets for the front fenders, a new rear spoiler, all made in carbon fiber and painted to match or contrast with the car’s exterior color. The package is finished by a set of wheels measuring 20 inches in the front and 21 inches in the rear.

Along with the aerodynamic and technical changes being made to the Mercedes , Brabus is also offering a height-adjustable Brabus smooth-ride suspension that can lower the car’s ride by up to 40mm. In the future, Brabus will also be offering a Front Lift system that will raise the nose of the car by 50mm.

We can’t imagine that Brabus would just tune the Mercedes SLS AMG cosmetically without as much as glancing at the engine, so we were glad to hear that they are planning to improve on the car’s 6.3L V8 engine. Of course, there are no official details on that yet so we’ll just have to patient and see what else they come up with.

Press release after the jump.

Remember the Brabus Vanish ? It was an 800 HP one-off Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series especially created for a Dubai customer. Well, Brabus did it again, but this time it juiced up the power even more. Their newest model is called the Stealth and it is based off the same Mercedes model as the Vanish. And hey, guess where the lucky customer is from? Yes, it was created for a customer in Dubai.

In its standard version the SL65 AMG Black Series develops a total of 670 HP, but this time Brabus took it to an impressive 820 HP. This jumps the horsepower an extra 20HP from the previous model they built called the Vanish. Apparently, the Stealth was built to go so fast that they had to upgrade the name as well, but don’t let it fool you; the cops can still pick up the uncontrollably fast vehicle on their radars.

The ironic part of this whole story is that both of the customers from Dubai probably enlisted the help of Brabus Brabus to obtain a ridiculously fast vehicle that would make them stand out in their unique renditions of the Mercedes’. Turns out, both adrenaline-pumping vehicles call the same neighborhood home. The two Dubai men actually live in the same neighborhood! Talk about the ultimate backfire!

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Source: Autoblog.nl

Yes, we love it when a car that goes fast gets tuned up to go even faster. When a new car that has the horsepower and weight capability to zoom away into the distance comes out, we sit back and wait for a tuning company to swipe it up and turbocharge it. Today, our wait is over. Brabus has unveiled the T65 RS tuning package based on the SL65 AMG Black Series . The SL65 AMG Black Series is an impressive car in its standard version - it develops a total of 650 HP - but Brabus made it even more impressive. With the addition of a high-tech twin turbo system that includes two special exhaust manifolds with integrated turbine housings and high-performance turbochargers, the tuner obtained an impressive 800 HP and 1,420 Nm available already at a low 2,100 rpm. The result is a sprint from 0 to 124 mph in just 9.8 seconds and a top speed limited to 200 mph.

Next to the engine upgrades, the T65 RS can also get a choice special paint jobs in either the original matte black or in any customization color specified to customers‘ individual desires. The Mercedes SL65 AMG by Brabus will also come with an exclusive combination of especially soft and breathable black leather and Alcantara.

This new tuning package doesn’t come as a surprise only because Brabus was able to tune up the Mercedes SL65 AMG Black Series they called the "Brabus Vanish" for an Arab gentleman about a month ago. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that the popularity of a suped up SL65 AMG Black Series would extend so far that Brabus Brabus would have no choice, but to offer it as a specific package. We definitely aren’t complaining. This is one hot and speedy package.

Press release after the jump.

When it comes to Arabs and their cars, the first thing that comes to our minds is "extreme"; extreme tuning, weird colors, and as much HP as possible. This is the case with this Brabus Brabus Vanish - a one of a kind supercar created especially for an Arab by none other than the tuning superstars at AMG. This kind of Arab/AMG combination could only result in a tremendously fast and hot car. Think along the lines of the Matte Black Mercedes SL65 AMG, but with a lot more power.

The name Vanish was given by the customer himself probably because that is what he intended to do once he put the pedal to the metal on this beast. The project started with a Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. This Mercedes, in its standard version, already produces a total of 670 hp, but Brabus took it to an impressive 800 hp. This was possible thanks to the addition of larger turbos, a new gearbox, larger brake pads, and a huge exhaust system.

The interior gets red stitching and Brabus logos. The bonnet has also been replaced to cater to bigger turbos.

There are no details on how the car’s performances improved, but we can only imagine that with 800hp and a name like Vanish that we will only see the spitting of gravel and dust once this car takes off!

Source: Autogespot

Who said Mercedes’ BlueEFFICIENCY models can’t get even more powerful and in the same time keeping their initial exemplary low emissions. Brabus has just unveiled the ECO PowerXtra CGI Performance Kits that adds an extra 26 hp and 40 Nm to any model you might own.

For example, after the kit is installed on a E 350 CGI BlueEFFICIENCY, the output is raised with an additional 18 hp, while top speed goes up to 166 mph. Next to the engine kit, Brabus is also offering a new stainless-steel sport exhaust systems.

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The German tuner, Brabus has unveiled a new tuning kit for the 2011 Mercedes E-Class Cabriolet . The package features engine tuning, a dynamically styled aerodynamic-enhancement program, custom-tailored wheels with diameters ranging from 17 to 20 inches, corresponding sport suspensions and striking interior options.

Under the hood, Brabus has added ECO PowerXtra performance kits to boost the power of the already impressive 6.1 liter V8 engine which provides a total output of 462 hp and a peak torque of 453 lb-ft before the modification. Once the modification has been made, the power output of the E350 CGI jumps 18hp while the E250 CDI and E250 CGI get bumped up 31hp and 26hp, respectively. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 4.7 seconds and reaches a top speed of 186 mph.

The tuning package also includes: stainless-steel Brabus sport exhaust systems, a new front spoiler, Brabus front sport fenders with integrated air openings, a centrally mounted reflector and custom cutouts left and right and 17, 18 or 19" alloy wheels.

The interior gets stainless-steel scuff plates with illuminated Brabus logo, an ergonomically shaped BRABUS sport steering wheel and genuine carbon-fiber elements in a number of different colors for dashboard, center console and door panels.

Press release after the jump.

When it comes to theE-Class Coupe , Brabus’ EV12 Coupe , which was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is as awesome as it is wallet-burning. Priced at $650,000, it’s one of those cars that we’ll have a pretty hard time affording. Still, just because we can’t afford it, it doesn’t mean Brabus has turned its back on those people with a far cheaper budget. The tuning house is now offering another tuning package for the new E-Class Coupe - priced at a we-can-afford price of just a few thousands dollars.

For the E-Class’ top-end version, the E550, the engine’s output has been raised to 462 hp and the peak torque to 453 lb-ft at just 3,100 rpm. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4,7 seconds and a top speed of 196 mph. Likewise, the tuner is offering similar power upgrades for all the other versions in the line-up.

The aerodynamic package includes: front spoiler with integrated LED daytime running lights, new aluminum front sport quarter panels with integrated clear-coated carbon-fiber inserts, a rear apron and light-alloy wheels with diameters of 17, 18, 19 and 20 inches.

Press release after the jump.

Brabus unveiled the most powerful off-roader ever: the G V12 S Biturbo Widestar based on Mercedes G55 AMG. And, naturally speaking, any car that comes with a title of "world’s most" attached to it will fetch a pretty enormous price tag and in this case, the G V12 S Biturbo Widestar will set you back 394,900 euro.

The G V12 S Biturbo Widestar is powered by the same twin-turbo twelve-cylinder as the Brabus SV12 S, with an impressive output of 700 hp at 5,100 rpm and 973 lb-ft of torque at 2,100 rpm. The result is a sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 163 mph.

The aerodynamic kit includes: wider fenders, Brabus roof spoiler with integrated LED brake light, Brabus door moldings, stainless-steel running boards, LED lights and larger wheels and tires, ranging from 20 to 23 inches.

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