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Although only a month have passed since the launch of the facelifted Mercedes SL-Class , Brabus unveiled its latest body kit for the latest coupe cabriolet from the German manufacturer: the R230. The new body kit features a two-piece 20” forged Monoblock VI alloy wheels, a completely new front bumper and re-designed rear diffuser which includes an upgraded exhaust system. Another premiere would be also the daytime running lights which include the LED technology.

Brabus R230 body kit for the Mercedes SL-Class

Brabus did not reveal any technical specs, but if we look at the 730 hp V12 engine of the previous Brabus SL that was able to hit 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds and had a top speed limited to 350 km/h, the performances of the new vehicle will be way better than these.

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Due to the recently launch of the face-lifted Mercedes SLK, Brabus unveiled its new version of the little coupe cabriolet. Powered by a 6.1 liter V8 engine capable of delivering 445 hp the car can sprint from 0-100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds while the top speed is of 305 km/h.

For the updated SLK Brabus offers various alloy wheels with diameters of 17, 18 and 19 inches. The vehicle features specially calibrated suspensions, lowering the car by 30 millimeters in order to make the car more stable at high speeds.

On the inside, the German tuner offers highly polished stainless-steel scuff plates with illuminated Brabus logo, Mastik leather and Alcantara and a special designed speedometer with 330 km/h dial.

As usual, Brabus bring nice and clean style with unrestricted top speed.

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Brabus unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show the Bullit Black Arrow, a tuning kit based on the E-Class. The Bullit Black Arrow will be priced at 348,000 euro.

Brabus Bullit Black Arrow

It is powered by a twin-turbo V12 engine that delivers 720 hp at just 5,100 rpm and a peak torque of 811 lb-ft. Performance is staggering: 3.9 seconds from rest to 100 km/h (62 mph), 24.5 seconds for 0 – 300 km/h (186 mph) and a top speed of more than 360 km/h (225 mph).

The visual appearance of the BRABUS BULLIT BLACK ARROW is further characterized by the new aluminum hood. Its integrated ’gills’ are not just distinctive features, they also ensure the engine’s thermal health.

Brabus Bullit Black Arrow

The wheel arch flares provide space for especially wide matte-black BRABUS Monoblock S light-alloy wheels with high-performance tires from technology partners YOKOHAMA or Pirelli. The 9.5Jx19 wheels on the front axle are shod with size 265/30 ZR 19 tires. The rear axle is fitted with size 10Jx19 wheels and size 285/30 ZR 19 tires.

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Brabus today revealed the PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit for the E 300 BLUETEC. The PowerXtra D6 BLUE increase the power in the E300 Bluetec by 47 hp. The power kit for the Brabus Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC is available for 1790 Euro.


After the conversion kit from Brabus the E300 Bluetec has a maximum power of 258 hp at 3,700 rpm. The engine’s torque grows by a healthy amount as well: Between 1,600 and 2,400 rpm the torque curve reaches a new high of 610 Nm (450 lb-ft), up from standard 540 Nm (398 lb-ft). The 0 to 60 mph sprint in made in 6.8 seconds and the top speed is electronically limited to 155 mph.

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In time for the market introduction of the new Mercedes C-Class wagon BRABUS presents an exclusive sport program. The product lineup for the S 204 model series comprises powerful engine tuning for gasoline and diesel models, an elegant aerodynamic-enhancement program, light-alloy wheels up to 19 inches in diameter with corresponding suspension modifications, and custom interior options.

The exterior is custom-painted a flaming mother-of-pearl/orange color, the interior is
upholstered in black BRABUS leather and Alcantara with orange seams, and it has lots of power under the hood: BRABUS presents the limited-edition special model BRABUS ULTIMATE 112 at the Frankfurt International Auto Show IAA 2007. The ULTIMATE 112 is based on the smart fortwo and is a true city sports car. And as such it represents a unique combination of extravagant equipment, sporty performance and agile handling.

The Ultimate Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing with V12 Biturbo Engine, 730 PS (720 hp) / 537 kW, 1,320 Nm (974 lb-ft) of Torque and a Top Speed of More than 360 km/h (224 mph)

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