1933 - 1938 Bugatti 57sc Atlantic Coupe

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To build the forty-two Type 57S sports cars, Bugatti created a shorter and lower Type 57 chassis and fitted it with De Ram shock absorbers, split front axle, dry sump lubrication, higher compression pistons, distinctive ‘V’ radiator, and other modifications. The later addition by the factory of superchargers led to the Type 57SC designation.

For the Atlantic Coupe, Jean Bugatti’s goal was to design the ultimate high-speed grand touring car. The concept was for the body to be built from Elektron, an aluminum-magnesium alloy that was difficult to work with in the usual manner. Of the three Atlantic Coupes built originally, we have seen the remaining two and they both are made from aluminum. Apparently, though no longer desired as a construction method, Jean Bugatti did not give up on the riveted flange design, hence the spines along the center of the body and fenders.


It’s 72 and it does 102,its the Bugatti Type 57! Plus it is also known as the Royale,only 6 models were ever made(they originally planned 25,and they were all going to royalty.But it was the Great Depression at the time)AND it is still the longest production car,at 22 feet long,with a 7 foot bonnet.

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