2010 Bugatti Sedan

Bugatti already announced there will be an even more powerful and expensive model than Veyron. It’s true this will be the Project Lydia, a 1175 hp supercar that will be priced at more than 2.5 million euro. But this won’t be the only big thing coming from Bugatti. We all know they like exclusive thing and want to have a world to say in the auto-industry. So why just the supercars world? After all there are a lot of people who would pay one million dollars to own a sedan for their family! Right, no? It seems this is what the company wants: a 950 hp, one million dollar sedan that will be launched in 2010. Competitors? None!

Our renderings is an old Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic combined with the EB118 and the EB218 Concepts. Both concepts were powered by a 18-cylinder engines. Of course the old and the concepts version needed to be adapted to real life!

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The 2010 Bugatti Sedan will be powered by a 8.0 liter engine -mounted up front- delivering 950 HP, just a little less than its 1000 HP Veyron mid-engined sibling.

The new model will have a coupe-like profile, similar to the Mercedes CLS-Class and Porsche Panamera. But, this extraordinary mix of a car and pure art will have a price that will only allow super-rich people to enjoy it: more than 1 million dollars.

Like the Veyron, the Sedan will be built in extra limited-edition. We presume same amount of units as the supercar.


a verry expensive and ugly sedan but this will not be better than the Veyron. Bugatti has a concept called Project Lydia that they say it will be more powerful and expensive than the Veyron.

Better then the Veyron?

Not unless it can do 0to60 in less than 2.4.

This car is ugly as hell.

i would aggree that this car is better then the veyron, however, from the look of the picture, the back just drops down & it would look really ugly. Still its a good car. Better then the Veyron

I also hope that this is``

i like it and its the kinda thing that will happen

it’s tight, it’ll happen for sho

it tight, it’ll happen for sho

Yes it will happen

it alright

its ugly plus it has the same bonnet paint job as the RR drophead

oh yeah. this IS better than the vey ron.

SWEET. better than the veyron

now this is better

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