2011 Bugatti Veyron "Chrome Red" by Dartz

Somewhere in Latvia, the minds over at Dartz are probably hunkered down in their shops looking for new ways to come out with some of the world’s most eccentric works.

Regarded as an aftermarket tuning company that has produced some off-the-wall projects, including the Prombron Nagel and the Iron Diamond , Dartz is back at it with a new program specifically for one of the world’s fastest cars, theBugatti Veyron .

Without proper regard for fine taste and clear aesthetics, Dartz went out and turned this Veyron into a screaming chrome red fireball that immediately draws attention to itself, as if the Veyron doesn’t already do that on its own.

We’ve seen a lot of re-styled paint finishes on the Veyron before - some gaudier than others - but never have we seen something shine in bloodshot red before. The mere fact that it comes with a quad-turbocharged W16 engine that dispenses 1,001 horsepower and a top speed of 260 mph seems to sit a little farther at the back of our minds at this point.

Check out the video of the "Chrome Red" Veyron by Dartz and tell us if that screams attention just by the mere sight of it.


Well, congratulations. If they were planning to get this vehicle a lot of attention, then definitely they succeeded. I adore its customized platform with its very striking red body paint.

Somehow, this car, look very commendable on its unique style. Car tuning such this really an extra ordinary car made. Very customized.

Bijan and Dratz are both good on creating some designs with Bugatti. The chrome red is quite well as a color. I notice that it is scintillating with the sun’s rays which make it a more attention grabber car.

Wow! I’ve never seen a bloody red Bugatti Veyron like that. Dartz really did a good rendition on this Veyron.

Admittedly, I was thinking of an aftermarket version for this car and here it is! BTW, I don’t think that this car would be good in chrome.. I just remember the work of Bijan would be better.

It seems that the production of Veyron is still alive. Well, I was expecting that there would a tuned version of this as long as the aftermarket company exist.

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