2012 Bugatti Veyron Sang Gemballa Blue by Gemballa Racing and Cam Shaft

Gemballa Racing’s McLaren MP4-12C GT3 had its racing baptismal at the German ADAC GT Masters Series and as a way of paying tribute to their very first racing machines, Gemballa decided to commission the help of the fine folks over at Cam Shaft for a special dress up on a Bugatti Veyron Sang Noir .

The unique wrap made by Cam Shaft gave the Veyron Sang Noir a pretty intense look, combining Gemballa’s noted blue color trim with glow-in-the-dark lightning graphics and matching brand logos plastered all around the car. The specially-wrapped Veyron Sang Noir doesn’t carry any performance modifications because the car only served the purpose of being a promo vehicle for the Gemballa’s new racing team.

Whether they have plans of building a Veyron race car in the future, though, is a totally different subject...

As a quick tangent to the guys over at Cam Shaft, you might recall some of their previous offerings, particularly the Lamborghini Koi Camouflage , which we showed you in November 2011.


I guess the glow-in-the-dark lightning graphics do it all.

First things first; the initial reaction was manifesting of a big approval.

I’m impressed with the skin of this car. Well, Veyron has a new look and more captivating.

These two have just made it more appealing to the eyes.

I love everything on Bugatti. Now that they come up with a new skin that gives more defined and captivating look.

Gemballa Racing and Cam Shaft should have done something that will make its charm durable.

I hope the two companies have not only made it more stylish. The engine must have been upgraded massively too.

Well, it definitely looks powerful with Gemballa Racing and Cam Shaft’s tuning. That is, based on the still photo, so what more if it’s in motion.

It’s sad to see that its beauty is fading easily in sight; it’s only good for first impression looks. Anyway, as long as it’s performing dynamically, we shouldn’t be alarmed of losing its appeal.

It can actually appear elegant at first glance, but it loses its luxurious touch when you constantly view it. It’s getting more and more insipid to look at.

It must be the photo’s illusion that attracted me, frankly. The modifications of these two companies did nothing to its style; it’s still not strong enough to captivate a lot of possible consumers.

Gemballa’s color play did a superb effect on this one. It’s effectively attractive!

Its modified design makes it more believable that this is speedy and powerful. Once it runs, it will prove that it’s not only about looks.

Whoa, was that a photo effect or was it really gleaming on the road while it’s running? To be honest, that’s the only thing that caught my attention. I quite don’t like its style wholly.

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