Buick Electra

Buick Electra

From 1959 through 1990, Buick used the “Electra” name to top off its range of automobiles. It was never an overly powerful or fast car, but in its earlier years, it was known as a full-size ride that moved well and rode like a fine Italian leather sofa. After its downsizing in the mid-1980s, Buick chose to axe the name altogether.

As of late, GM has been on a trademarking binge, with its tagging the SS and ELR , and now we can add another one to the list. You guessed it; GM has officially trademarked the Electra name. This could mean absolutely nothing, but with the huge overhaul that Buick has received in recent years, this does point to a model to come.

With it possibly bearing the “Electra ” name, we can only assume that this potential new model would take a slot directly above the Lacrosse , making it the new range-topping car. This is purely speculation, but with the category that GM trademarked the Electra under, 1B , the law requires the owner of the trademark to show true intent to use the trademark for a product in the future.

For now, we only know of the trademark and its category. Maybe OnStar will make another programming boo-boo and post the Electra on its list of qualifying GM cars, so we have a better idea. We will update you the second more information leaks out about the Electra. And yes, given GM’s recent trends, there will be tons of “unintentional” leaks.

A powerful GM Performance Parts ZZ572 crate engine is the 620-horsepower heart of a beautifully restored 1964 Electra 225 – one of the famed Buick “Deuce-and-a-Quarter” full-size luxury vehicles that have achieved popularity with collectors and urban customizers. The ZZ572/620-powered Electra 225 was displayed among 11 new Buick Lucerne concepts at a special event held during the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) convention.

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