Buick Riviera

Buick Riviera

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Buick unveiled the first Riviera Concept at the 2007 Auto Shanghai. Now, six years later, the company is using the same show to unveil a second version of the concept that, according to the company, "offers a preview of Buick’s future design language."

While it’s pretty obvious the concept’s exterior design won’t make it to production in its entirety, the second version of the Riviera Concept features a low, sporty and futuristic look. The concept offers an updated version of Buick’s waterfall grille and wing-shaped daytime running lights - both elements are said to be used in future Buick models.

The concept unveiled in Shanghai is coated in an ice celadon finish that is inspired by jade and features unique gull-wing doors.

The most important part of the concept is that is powered by an all-new, dual-mode W-PHEV (wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) propulsion system that allows the vehicle to be charged wirelessly via a sensory recharge panel on the car’s chassis.

Updated 04/22/2013: Buick has unveiled a new set of images for the second Riviera concept, which made its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show. Check the picture gallery to see all the images.

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Buick Riviera Concept

Back in 2007, Buick unveiled a cool Riviera Concept which many thought would move on to production form. Nothing has been heard about this concept since then, but on May 3rd General Motors filed a trademark for a Riviera name, citing it for use on automobiles. Although they did not say it would be used for a Buick model, the previous concept makes us consider this as an option.

In fact, last year, it was rumored that GM wanted to produce a sporty coupe, possibly based on the rear-wheel drive Alpha platform. Then, at the 2012 New York Auto Show, the company announced it was considering bringing the Riviera name back, but in a rear-wheel drive form. The concept unveiled back in 2007 was a sporty coupe built on an Epsilon front-wheel drive platform.

So, the Riviera name may be used either for either a production version of the concept which would arrive sometime in 2015, or a new Riviera concept. We’re hoping for the first scenario!

Buick Riviera made its debut last year at the Shanghai Auto Show. And in just a few days it will make its North American debut at the Detroit Auto Show. The Riviera has been engineered to accommodate a new hybrid system that will go into production at Shanghai GM, GM’s flagship joint venture with SAIC, in 2008.

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The Buick Riviera Buick Riviera concept car will make its North American debut at next month’s Detroit Auto Show, technically called the “North American International Automobile Show.” For it, General Motors is bringing in the Riviera concept car that it showed, as a Buick, at the Shanghai, China auto show almost a year ago, in April of 2007. Of course, it was only right that the car was first displayed in China. That’s where it was designed and built. It is said, however, that the look of the Riviera (...)
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The hit of the Shanghai Auto Show – the swoopy Buick Riviera Buick Riviera concept car – “ay someday see the light of day,” according to Bob Lutz, General Motors’ Vice-Chairman. Calling the Riviera a “nice execution,” Lutz also suggested that a version of the Chinese Buick Park Avenue might eventually come to the North American market. Lutz said that the Chinese “simply are the first market to get the Buick Park Avenue. That vehicle or a variant of it is always a possibility for Buick in the future.” Lutz’s (...)
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The Buick Riviera Buick Riviera , a stunning concept car designed to showcase Buick’s new global design direction, made its global debut today at Auto Shanghai 2007. The gullwing Riviera concept coupe was developed with global design input by the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) in China, a design and engineering joint venture between General Motors and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (SAIC). The Riviera was introduced today by Rick Wagoner, GM Chairman and CEO, and Hu Maoyuan, SAIC (...)

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