2011 Buick Envision Concept

General Motors has unveiled the Envision at the 2011 Shanghai Auto Show. While the concept itself won’t be put into production, the company says it "represents a convergence of future ideas and technology for Buick in the market."

The Envision Concept was developed by Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC), and according to GM, integrates global design with local aesthetics for the China market, adhering to Buick’s "dynamic, fluid, quiet and comfortable" design essence.

The Envision has inherited Buick design DNA and taken the Buick global design language to a new height. It makes a significant statement for Buick styling and technology, and will influence upcoming models from the brand," said Ed Welburn, GM Vice President of Global Design.

And, in trend with all the latest concept cars, the Envision incorporates GM’s world-leading PHEV plug-in hybrid system.

Updated 04/18/2011: This review has been updated with the official images and details on the new Buick Envision Concept. Hit the jump to read the full details.


Buick Envision Concept

The new Buick Envision Concept is defined by dynamic lines, sharp angles, and curved shapes. Up front there is a two-layer traditional Buick waterfall grille with large air intakes, a Buick tri-colored shield insignia, headlamps and fog lamps inspired by the traditional Chinese patterns, and LED technologies.

The side features sharp lines, powerful wheel arches, a one-piece roof, and a set of 22" doubled-layered aluminum alloy wheels. A very important feature of the concept are the scissor-style doors with sensors. At the rear it gets slim, sharp porcelain-like tail lamps integrated with gleaming LED lights.


Buick Envision Concept

On the interior, the Envision gets a 360-degree all-around integrated design and unique asymmetric central console. The general look is a combination of high-quality galaxy-blue and sand-beach white Italian leather with high-class maple and metallic materials with a velvety texture.

The list of technologies includes the next-generation Bluetooth DUN Intelligent Internet system and three micro-cameras replacing the rear view mirrors.


Buick Envision Concept

Under the hood of the Envision, Buick has placed GM’s breakthrough PHEV plug-in hybrid system that combines a 2.0-liter SIDI intelligent direct injection turbocharged engine with a pair of electric motors and an automatic/manual eight-speed transmission. The electric motors are powered by a high-performance lithium battery and a solar energy roof with optical equipment.

When Can I Buy One?

Buick Envision Concept

Buick said that the Envision itself will not be put into production, so do not expect to see this on the road. However, design elements and technologies will be used in future models.


Buick Envision Concept

A production version of the Envision with the exact same look as the concept would have plenty of success on the market, but since this car isn’t being produced and GM brings cool cars to every other market, but USA, we’re not going to be seeing it anytime soon. We know there are already lots of hybrid crossovers out there, but the Envision has something that catches our eye; it’s a combination of sporty and elegant, a combination that should have been used for all GM models.

Buick Envision Concept
  • Impressive exterior look with scissor-style doors
  • Hybrid powertrain
  • Futuristic interior
  • A production version Buick will never look as cool as the concept
  • We’ll never get it


I guess you haven’t read the whole article, it was said that it will be in the production of Buick but they will include some detailing for their future lineup.

Its kind of funny to remember on how the GM being so problematic about their sale percentage for the past few months. Now, they find a solution to make a hybrid cars to compete in the market.

This design is so futuristic and the detailing and the design is so cool that I couldn’t stop looking at it. BTW, I think that wing is similar with the Lambo.

Oh yeah! It seems that GM have to find a way to solve their problem with the demand for hybrid cars! Here is going with their own version of this car. Well, I do hope that they stay that way and don’t even think of making an electric! 

The moment I saw the first teaser image, I already knew that this one is going to be a great car. And I am really glad that the guys at Buick didn’t disappoint, the car is really great looking.

Yeah,I agree with you this car is great and I was drooling while looking at the interior! I hope to see this interior in their future lineup since this car will not be in the production..

Wow! I like the detailing for this car, its clean and I guess it will perform well. However, its sad that it will be not line up for production.

since this one is just a concept, we really can’t tell for sure. But if it does become a success in the auto shows, then we can expect a slew of Buick SUV’s to follow.

Well, they will probably be giving away some more information in the coming weeks. But this car still looks good. I hope Buick comes up with more SUV’s.

It’s about time Buick made a urban exotic

Exactly amazing However, I guess they should give us some information on what’s to be expected on the upcoming production.

Well, for a comeback, this is certainly something that Buick is preparing. It is really looking good in this teaser image, so I would be looking forward to its final unveiling.

It’s a good thing that GM is pushing up the Buick brand again. It was really one of their more successful brands a few years back, so it is nice to see them reviving it again.

The wait is almost over. Just a few days and we can witness these new and trendy vehicles zooming their way to the auto show. Till then keep guessing about the features and design based on these teasers.

Aha! It seems that GM makes released a new model again maybe because of the fast pacing production of hybrids. Well, I want read more details for this car.

It’s a good thing to see Buick finally releasing a new vehicle, even though it is just a concept. They have been a bit missing these past few months.

Nice rear end (or is that the front?). This is definitely a different take from the blocky bodies commonly seen in other SUV’s, so it would be quite an interesting thing to see.

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