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The first of General Motors’ Epsilon II platform cars, the 2010 Buick LaCrosse has been seen testing. That platform will eventually go under the next generation Saturn Aura and Chevrolet Malibu.

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Earlier this week, TopSpeed.com was graciously invited by GM to attend a press event on their famous Detroit test track ’Milford Proving Ground’. In the morning, we completed the safe driving program and test drove several GM vehicles. Later on, we met up for dinner with several other car bloggers and GM’s general manager, Edward J. Peper. Below are the highlights of the event.

Buick will expand its international reach following a four-year agreement signed today by General Motors and Shanghai GM to export up to 25,000 of the brand’s hot-selling Enclave luxury crossover to China beginning in the second half of 2008.

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Automotive News has some details about the future Buick Buick line in America, but there is reason to question whether their report is entirely accurate. According to Mark LaNeve, vice-president of sales, service, and marketing at GM, the company believes the Buick line can be extended. “We think we’ve got room for expansion in the Buick lineup, and we see Buick over time hitting that space in the market where today Acura is, Volvo Volvo is - that’s its historic position, where it’s a cut above Dodge Dodge , (...)

Buick has been recognized for building the most dependable vehicles in the automotive industry, according to an annual J.D. Power and Associates study released today. According to the 2007 J.D. Power and Associates Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS), Buick improved eight points from third last year (153 PP100) to first (145 PP100), earning a share of the lead with Lexus Lexus . The VDS evaluates vehicle quality after three years of ownership. Owners rate vehicles based on problems experienced (...)
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Once upon a time, Buick knew how to build cars and how to sell them. But that’s really not the case today. The recent J. D. Powers survey ranking a three year old Buick Century as equaling the reliability of a three year old Lexus Lexus was a somewhat sad commentary on the Buick brand. By producing a rather boring and simple car for multiple years, they have finally worked out the bugs in the car. My dad bought Buicks. He was a doctor and in his day Buick was still the “doctor’s car.” It (...)
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The hit of the Shanghai Auto Show – the swoopy Buick Riviera Buick Riviera concept car – “ay someday see the light of day,” according to Bob Lutz, General Motors’ Vice-Chairman. Calling the Riviera a “nice execution,” Lutz also suggested that a version of the Chinese Buick Park Avenue might eventually come to the North American market. Lutz said that the Chinese “simply are the first market to get the Buick Park Avenue. That vehicle or a variant of it is always a possibility for Buick in the future.” Lutz’s (...)
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In 2004, Buick displayed the Velite concept car, built for them by Bertone Bertone , at the New York Auto Show. Sin Sin ce then, the Velite’s look and its lines have been flowing into Buick’s production cars, both those face lifted and those which are all new. The just introduced Enclave crossover – which has sold so well that Buick dealers have had to institute waiting lists – is the first Buick to have its entire appearance modeled on the Velite theme. Word is, however, that the Velite will be more than (...)

Buick has confirmed that they will produce the fourth model of the company that will be probably a production version of the Velite Concept unveiled in 2004 at New York auto show. The new model will be built on the Zeta platform (RWD architecture), also used in the Pontiac G8 and pending Chevy Camaro and will be BUick’s only RWD vehicle—Clarke sees no need to switch the front-wheel-drive LaCrosse and Lucerne sedans or the Enclave (...)
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