Cadillac Converj

Cadillac Converj

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The pride and joy of General Motor was slowly pinning around front and center amongst a field of Cadillacs at the Miami Auto Show. Although the Converj concept car made it’s debut at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, it’s slipery shape and and jaw dropping presence was good enough to stop us judges dead in our tracks and take the trophy for the 2009 Concept Car of the Show. This plug in gas/electric hybrid vehicle was almost disqualified as one of the judges deemed it to be too production ready for the concept award, and it did loose some points for wearing too narrow rear rubber, however streamlined shapes and low rolling resistance is what an efficient future is all about. Maybe it was the 21st century luxury car’s plush interior and electroluminescent gauges or the roof mounted solar panel the put theCadillac Converj over the top.

We were smitten when we saw the Converj concept at the Detroit Auto Show, and we were not the only ones. Not many were expecting Cadillac to take the Chevrolet Volt ’s technology and give it this good of a re-skin.

General Motors must also be happy with the response because it’s already talking about the compromises needed for the Converj to make it into production. Bob Lutz was hinting at a 2013 production date, and by that time the Converj would get a set of rear doors. But GM’s management is looking to still keep as much of the coupe’s body intact. The new doors would be masked as much as possible, including hidden handles, and the overally effect would be the “four-door coupe” look made popular by the Mercedes-Benz CLS .

A full-blown no compromises coupe is the kind of vehicle we prefer, but we also can’t fault GM on this one. Two-door cars have a limited market appeal that trade a little less function for a little more image. So if the rear doors bother us that much, we’ll just settle for a CTS coupe (in silver or midnight blue, please).

Source: MotorTrend

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