Cadillac Escalade

Cadillac Escalade

  The Cadillac Escalade has created a nice little niche for itself on American soil with citizens enjoying the grand SUV with every gulping gallon of gas. Offered in both a standard size and a 20" longer version in the ESV, the Escalade towers over much of the competition with its enormous front grille and equally large 6.2 L V8 engine that delivers 403hp. Cadillac made an attempt to improve fuel efficiency by adding cylinder deactivation, but the best bang for the fuel buck is paying a bit more for the new Platinum Hybrid. The Platinum Hybrid is powered by GM's patented two-mode hybrid system and a 6.0L V8 engine producing 332hp and 367lb-ft of torque. This combination offers a 25% bump in fuel economy. Both engines are mated to a six-speed automatic, continuously variable transmission.

On paper, a race against a Japanese buzzsaw called the Cadillac Escalade SUV and the ’Godzilla’ Nissan GT-R, doesn’t seem like a fair fight, especially when you consider that the ’fight’ is actually a 0-60 mph test to see which vehicle can hit the mark first. On one end, you have the Japanese buzzsaw called the Nissan GT-R, a car that has earned the nickname, ’Godzilla’. Can a three-ton SUV whose hulking mass is enough to drag itself down compete against the faster GT-R? Hennessey has made sure of it.

This mismatch was given a fair shake by the folks over at Hennessey , which gave the Escalade an HPE1000 performance upgrade, getting the 6,000lb SUV’s 6.2L engine a total of 1008bhp at 5,900rpm and 967 lb-ft of torque at 3,700 rpm. This was done with a forged & balanced 427 cid LSX engine, high flow cylinder heads, a Hennessey HPE1000 camshaft, an intake manifold upgrade, upgraded fuel injectors, an upgraded fuel system (pump, lines, and Rails), twin ball bearing turbochargers, and much more.

With the playing field somewhat leveled, the two protagonists took to an isolated country road to find out which vehicle can smoke the other. To our surprise, the Escalade, which is more than twice as heavy as the GT-R, managed to outpace the Japanese supercar by the slimmest of margins - one-tenth of a second - with a time of 3.3 seconds compared to Godzilla’s 3.4-second time.

While we’re not totally blown away by the result considering the ’assistance’ the Escalade got from Hennessey, the mere fact that a mammoth of an SUV can actually outpace a powerful Japanese rocket really got us thinking just how dementedly brilliant the people over at Hennessey are.

Check out the video to watch the proceedings and hit the jump to see the full specifications for the Cadillac Escalade by Hennessey.

Source: Hennessey
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The Cadillac Escalade serves many purposes for the brand. For starters, it is their largest offering in the SUV segment and has become a best seller. Ever since it was first introduced as a meagerly disguised GMC Yukon the car has been a hit. It effectively saved the Cadillac brand in association with their razor edge styling that is now seen on all the models in the lineup. A favorite choice of celebrities, musicians, and athletes alike, the Escalade has become a status symbol and was immediately accepted by the “in crowd.”

As time has gone on the Escalade lineup has come to include three models with a pickup and extended wheelbase version being added. As the SUV market has been hit hard by the recession, the Escalade too suffered, but has remained alive. Its closest competition in nearly every aspect, the Lincoln Navigator , has struggled much more than the Cadillac and will cease production sooner rather than later.

Cadillac has been able to keep this vehicle moving forward, but some VIP clients still expect more. When a Range Rover is too small and a large scale van is not classy enough, Becker Automotive Design is there to take your Escalade to the next level. After this company gets done with their conversion, the Escalade has been transformed into a Gulfstream 5 for the road.

Hit the jump for more details on the Becker Escalade Conversion.

Source: Becker

There’s big…and then there’s really big.

When it comes to SUVs, nobody does it bigger – and as some would say, better – than Cadillac and the hulking Escalade . The SUV has been one of the most popular Cadillac models in recent years, as evidenced by the enormous sales success it’s gotten here in the US. You only need to watch TV to realize that just about every celebrity is sporting an Escalade in one form or another.

The reception of the Escalade in the US isn’t the same in Europe and while the blame can mostly be placed on an incredible number of consumer choices, Cadillac is still hoping that their prized SUV gets to work across the pond.

With the new Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition , they may have found the vehicle that can compete with the Range Rovers , X5s , and Cayennes of the world. Whether the car becomes a hit remains up in the air, but given the upgrades Cadillac put on this special edition SUV, we’re pretty sure that they like their chances.

Hit the jump to see the details for the Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition.

A few days ago Cadillac confirmed plans for a large crossover based on the GM’s Lambda platform architecture . Recent rumors suggest that this new model might replace the larger Escalade.

Now, you might say that these are two totally different models, but because Cadillac will have to focus on the more stringent fuel-efficiency standards on the way, the Escalade may need to be replaced anyway. Enter the large crossover.

The new model will offer more interior space and should tow enough to satisfy most owners in the class. However if you really must have more capability, a more traditional body-on-frame Escalade ESV will remain in the lineup. Sources also say the new crossover will have the face of the 2010 Cadillac XTS Platinum Concept unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show this year.

Stay tuned!

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For all the good vibes and positive press Naomi Campbell received for her partnership with Lotus in helping raise money for the people of Haiti , she pretty much threw away in a slight fit of anger.

Reports are now coming in that Naomi Campbell is wanted by the NYPD for questioning regarding an incident with her driver as they were driving through New York City. This, apparently, all stems from allegations made by the driver that Campbell struck him so hard that his face slammed against the steering of the Cadillac Escalade he was driving the supermodel in.

The driver then stopped the car and reported the incident to a traffic enforcer, at which point Campbell had already left the Escalade on foot.

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By now, the whole world has probably been captivated by the whole ‘Tiger Woods crash’ escapade and while we’ve all been given everything but a full confession from Woods, the Chinese media decided to create a CGI re-enactment of what could have happened between Tiger and his wife Elin. Although it’s never been confirmed that this re-enactment was what actually happened, it still pretty cool to watch.

The only thing we find ourselves cringing is their depiction of the Cadillac Escalade Woods crashed during the whole ordeal. Last time we checked, the Escalade doesn’t look like a Hyundai Starex. But then again, we appreciate the effort of the Chinese media’s ‘conspiracy theory’.

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General Motor’s luxury arm, Cadillac, has an answer for all the environmentalists out there who want to have their lavish SUV and drive it too. This is mainly due to the vehicle’s 6.0 Liter Vortec combined with an electric generator in the transmission housing to create the world’s first large luxury hybrid SUV. Don’t be fooled by the amount of Hybrid logos strewn about the Escalade, this is truly a big money machine. From our car’s Quicksilver exterior to the Ebony interior the Escalade Hybrid is all about style. Our $70,375 Escalade Hybrid rolls around on stylish 22 inch chromed rims connected to magnetic ride control shock absorbers that soak up ever imperfection on the road’s surface.

Thanks to the 2-Mode Hybrid system with active fuel management the 5,000 pound SUV is able to get 20 MPG in the city and 21 MPG while cruising at highway speeds. The Escalade Hybrid comes equipped with convenience features like a power lift gate, folding side mirrors and rain sensing wipers, the only thing missing is for someone to hitch up your trailer for you. Combined with the always-great Onstar road side assistance standard as well as a 4 year 50,000 mile warranty and a 8 year 100,000 hybrid component warranty you can rest assured about the reliability of your new gas/electric vehicle, and despite the fact that the Escalade Hybrid isn’t quite as clean as the lovable Toyota Prius , it is definitely a green vehicle.

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Top Speed’s test fleet recently received a 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid from General Motors. This oversized people mover seems more like another way to make a statement about being excessive while still thinking about the environment. The Cadillac is as luxurious as anything from the General is at the moment, with its 332 HP 6.0 Liter V8 and electric motor spinning a set of 22 inch chrome wheels, it will be nice to experience the lifestyle first hand.

The interior of our Escalade is comfortable and luxurious, adequate for $70,000 worth of extravagance and technology. From the driver’s seat you can enjoy an 8 inch navigation screen with everything from back up camera to nice little animation about what the Hybrid two-mode system is doing. The rear seat passengers should appreciate the flip down Panasonic DVD screen and Bose 5.1 surround sound system. The combination of wood on the center stack, steering wheel and armrest is nicely contrasted by the brushed aluminum piece in front of the passenger.

Exterior after the jump.

The big new from Cadillac’s big ’ol Escalade last year was the introduction of the Escalade Hybrid model. The other introduction, that got less press, was the introduction of a Platinum Edition , which included LED headlamps and Cadillac’s adaptable Magnetic Ride Control system.

Now General Motors has combined the two. The Escalade Platinum Hybrid takes advantage of the two-mode system developed by GM, and then adds elements like 22-inch wheels, Aniline leather and TV screens in the front headrest. It’s like Cadillac is saying, “Just ’cause your bling-bling don’t mean you don’t care about the environment, homey.”

Press release after the jump.

As a sign of more-gas frugal times, even the Escalade , an SUV known for is uncompromising size and power may go on a diet. The next generation large SUV from Cadillac may move to the Lambda platform.

GM currently uses the platform to build the Chevrolet Traverse , Saturn Outlook , GMC Acadia and Buick Enclave , so a Cadillac on the same platform would make economical sense. The platform should be able to handle a larger car because GM had considered, but cancelled, a V-8-powered Enclave Super. Cadillac could use a V-8, in this case a small block, since the Northstar replacement that was supposed to power the Enclave Super also has been canceled.

GM also announced the company is considering a unibody pickup as hinted by the GMC Denali XT concept , to replace the EXT and Chevy Avalanche .

Source: Motor Trend

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