2011 Cadillac CTS-V by Lingenfelter

In any body variation - sedan , coupe or sport wagon , the Cadillac CTS-V models are powered by a 6.2 liter supercharged V-8 engine that delivers a total of 556 HP and 551 lb.-ft. of torque. Impressive numbers for a Cadillac , no? But Lingenfelter already used us with providing impressive updates for models in GM’s line-up, and the same happened for the CTS-V. Their latest work can increase the V8 engine’s output to more than 700 HP.

In order to obtain this impressive update, Lingenfelter added GT9 ZR1 supercharger camshaft and Lingenfelter CNC ported LSA cylinder heads, Competition Cams valve springs, titanium retainers, 10 degree locks, Lingenfelter LS9 solid supercharger isolator coupling, port and polish supercharger snout, Lingenfelter air intake duct, K & N Air Filter, 63 lbs/hour fuel injectors, GM Head gaskets & head bolts, 2.55 inch diameter steel supercharger drive pulley, powder coated black and 8 rib serpentine belt.

For any package the tuner will also provide you chassis dyno testing before and after installation.


More of is systems performance and specification. I wish to see more variants of creation from their unique design and style it look very familiar and nothing to talk about.

Yeah you’re right.. And I think that that’s the good point of aftermarket company they offer an impressive performance more than the production model can offer.

Wow! The boost power of this car is impressive! It seems that supercharged engine and v8 technology let the 500 hp to increase more than 800 hp! BTW, this is the reason why I love aftermarket production.

The power performance of this car is good and I think it has the right to be called a sports car. BTW, I just don’t like the design for the exterior.

Idk, if I’m going to laugh at the Cadillac "sports car" or what. i think this kind of huge to be a sports car it look more of a SUV.

As always I find the Cadillac very classy and luxurious when it comes to detailing. However, for sure that this car would be gas guzzler since it needed a 6.2 liter to run the car. Im going to consider other option.

its a good car except for the steering wheel! Cadillac has amazing material but it stains easily!The front look decent to me though!

I think,it more appealing when you put some sort of style so that it will not like a boring and very natural in style..It would be great enough.

well,i can say that this car is so simple and boring type,I recommend to get some revision on it.

Perhaps its because I sits so much lower? I don’t know. I can’t think of a reason the car would need to be lengthened.

I think they should stick to engine tuning!

Ugly! They didn’t understood that the best tuned cars are the one that simplify the design, not those who complicate it!

Lingenfelter is world-renowned for pushing the limits on horsepower and their new engine package for the 2009-2011 Cadillac CTS-V (and new CTS-V Coupe) is no exception to the rule.

another gas gussling car is again being sold, I thought that cadillac is aiming for more cleaner and more environment friendly vehicle? so why are they going to build another V8 engine?

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