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German auto tuner and car wrap specialists, Cam Shaft, have taken a decidedly foreign approach on their next project. Instead of using one of the many local vehicles coming from BMW , Mercedes , Audi , and Porsche , Cam Shaft went for a car that calls the land on the other side of the pond its home: the high-powered, svelte-looking Cadillac CTS-V .

In getting the American sports sedan, Cam Shaft decided that upgrades were in order, especially to the CTS-V’s powertrain and exterior. So they went out and re-tooled as much as they could on the car, giving more power to a car that already has 564 ponies worth under its hood. In addition to the upgraded powerplant, Cam Shaft also set out to make the car stand out from other sports sedans, by wrapping the CTS-V’s exterior body in a matte white foil.

The result is a car that’s as stunning as it is powerful: a noteworthy combination of style and substance all rolled into one awesome package.

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Cadillac firstly introduced the CTS-V name in 2008 with the official unveiled of the sports sedan. And since then we had the chance to test it a few times. Yuppy! But in three years the CTS-V sports sedan received a few updates, so it will enter the 2011 model year with new front fender vent design with black inner fin detail, a new set of wheels and a few interior updates. New reasons for its German competitions, the BMW M5 and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG to fear.

The Cadillac CTS-V is already known as one of the first production four-door on street tires to break the legendary eight-minute barrier at Germany’s famed Nürburgring race track. That if Germans needed more reasons to fear! Add to this performances a pretty aggressive exterior and an interior that is both luxury and sporty, and you will understand why we are so proud about this American beauty!

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There’s big…and then there’s really big.

When it comes to SUVs, nobody does it bigger – and as some would say, better – than Cadillac and the hulking Escalade . The SUV has been one of the most popular Cadillac models in recent years, as evidenced by the enormous sales success it’s gotten here in the US. You only need to watch TV to realize that just about every celebrity is sporting an Escalade in one form or another.

The reception of the Escalade in the US isn’t the same in Europe and while the blame can mostly be placed on an incredible number of consumer choices, Cadillac is still hoping that their prized SUV gets to work across the pond.

With the new Cadillac Escalade Platinum Edition , they may have found the vehicle that can compete with the Range Rovers , X5s , and Cayennes of the world. Whether the car becomes a hit remains up in the air, but given the upgrades Cadillac put on this special edition SUV, we’re pretty sure that they like their chances.

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The LA Design Challenge is one of the unquestioned highlights of the LA Auto Show with different automakers showing off their newly-designed concepts that are made based on a “theme” set by the organizers.

This year, the theme was “addressing society’s shift toward minimizing consumption of the earth’s resources by envisioning an efficient, light-weight, four passenger vehicle with a weight limit of 1,000 lbs that is both comfortable and safe, while delivering satisfactory driving performance without sacrificing the styling consumers demand."

Turns out, when it came time to decide on a winner, the judges had such a hard time picking between the Cadillac Aera Concept and the Smart 454 WWT Concept that they just decided to award the top prize to the two cars.

According to the judges, picking a winner was about as hard as it has been in recent years considering the quality of work that was entered. "Deciding this year’s Design Challenge winner was a tremendously difficult decision as the quality of entries has increased throughout the years," the Design Los Angeles judges said. "This year’s winners – the Cadillac Aera and the smart 454 WWT – offer two very different visions of the 1,000 lb. Car, yet are equally as amazing. They are both very expressive of their brand; GM is art and science and smart is playful and fun."

Two winners, huh? Can’t say we saw that coming. While we did think that the Aera was a front-runner, we didn’t expect the smart 454 WWT to actually go home with equal-billing in the top step of the podium.

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We’ve saved the best for last as the Cadillac Aera has won the 2010 LA Design Challenge! You only need to take one look at this concept car and it becomes painfully obvious that Batman would have scooped one up to add to his list of Bat rides. This is the Cadillac Aera, an amalgamation of Cadillac’s philosophy of “Art and Science” that dives into a whole new world of innovative and ultra lightweight vehicles. Realistically speaking, the chances of ever seeing a car like this at your local Starbucks are as probable as winning 100 lotteries in a single year. Unfortunate, we know.

As General Motors’ entry to the 2010 LA Design Challenge, the Cadillac Aera is a ridiculously lightweight – it weighs 1,000 lbs - 2+2 coupe that takes the boundaries of automotive design and pushes it to levels that are reserved for sci-fi movies.

Taking into consideration the Design Challenge’s requirements of building an efficient, lightweight 2+2 vehicle - weighing no more than 1,000 lbs - that minimizes consumer dependence on natural resources, the Aera’s body is made from a highly advanced structure that uses a 3D lattice, mono-formed frame, a structure that’s eerily similar to configurations found in nature like in the grouping of bubbles. The structure is formed through an alloy utilizing, semi-solid freeform manufacturing that creates a strong yet lightweight frame that’s grown into a single part lattice structure.

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When it comes about urban driving you’ll always have models like Smart ForTwo , Aston Martin Cygnet or Scion iQ. But the Smart is just too small for some people out there, the Cygnet is only available for those who already have a Rapide and the iQ is not available on the US market just yet. Not to mention, that except the Cygnet all of them are mostly focused on fuel economy and not on luxury.

So today at the Los Angeles Auto Show Cadillac brought a concept car that promises to do both. It is called Urban Luxury Concept, and it even has a pair of scissor-type doors. The concept has compact dimensions: wheelbase of 97.1 inches (2,467 mm), overall length is only 151 inches (3,835 mm) and the height is 56.9-inch (1,446 mm); numbers that make it perfect for any town in the world. And if you didn’t guessed by now, the Urban Luxury features a hybrid drive train: a turbocharged 1.0 liter three-cylinder engine employing electric assist technology, engine start-stop function, brake energy regeneration and a dry dual-clutch transmission.

UPDATE 11/22/2010:

Cadillac’s stunning Urban Luxury Concept is already catching some buzz in some circles for its aggressive design and innovative content. The American city car is still a concept so we still can’t get too excited over it. That being said, Cadillac has released a new walk-around video of the Urban Luxury Concept, complete with a detailed look at what the interior of the ULC looks like. Check it out!

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Now that the buzz of SEMA 2010 is quietly dying down, the auto world will now set its attention to the forthcoming LA Auto Show on November 19th.

One brand that’s scheduled to be in attendance is Cadillac and it’s just come to our attention that the automaker will be bringing an all-new concept car to the City of Angels.

Not surprisingly, the company has kept mum on what kind of car this is going to be so all your guesses are going to be as good as ours. Short of saying, we don’t know what it’s going to be. It could be anything really – maybe it’s even the Aera Concept (pictured above) that they’ve entered at the auto show’s Design Challenge – but for now, all we’ve got are tons of speculation.

In some ways, it’s a good thing not knowing what to expect because it keeps that element of surprise at a high-level. Who knows, these guys might be bringing a car that’s going to revolutionize the world. Highly unlikely, we know, but that’s the beauty of being in the dark when it comes to concept vehicles.

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We can’t wait for the new Cadillac XTS , as it will mark the demise of the terribly dull STS andDTS . That though, is a ways off and until then, we have to make do with the new 2011 STS.

According to USA Today, the STS sedan will no longer be offered with the 4.6-liter Northstar V8. The only motor that is still being offered is the 3.6-liter V6 with 302 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque. Power will be directed to either the rear wheels or all-wheel drive.

The Cadillac STS for 2011 will be getting OnStar as standard, meaning that owners will get better voice recognition and more safety features. There will also be a Platinum version with 18-inch wheels, an Alcantara headliner, and a full leather interior.

Pricing starts at $47,280 for the 2011 STS, which isn’t worth it. If you want everything with your cruise liner the price will climb to well over $65,000. There should be some large discounts because STS models aren’t big sellers and this one will be no different.

Source: USA Today

The Monticello Motor Club was quite the scene recently when a plethora of supercars converged for the first annual Drift with the Supercars event. Yes, people, drifting supercars with a chalk full of donuts to boot. Burning rubber never smelled so good.

One of the cars that showed up for the event was the 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe and while it didn’t have the cache that of all the Ferraris , Porsches , and Mercedes ’ in attendance, the CTS-V Coupe made certain that it would leave more than just its tread marks on the competition, winning the title of Best Drift in New Car. Who said that a two-door luxury coupe couldn’t hang with the exotics?

Fortunately for us, a video of the CTS-V Coupe’s drift run was shared by the gracious organizers, giving us a complete look at the Caddy in all its tire-screeching, rubber-burning, title-winning run.

That’s how the Caddy rolls, baby!

During an interview at the Paris Auto Show, Ed Welburn, General Motors Co.’s chief designer, talked about Cadillac ’s future plans, and according to him, those plans include a new "big halo" sedan, other than the XTS .

"Right now they have mixed feelings about Cadillac, but they see the potential. There is a real opportunity for Cadillac to rightfully be considered the standard of the world again with the work that we are doing in design and engineering and the technologies that we will be bringing to market."

Cadillac will bring the XTS later next year. It will share a front-wheel-drive vehicle architecture with the Buick LaCrosse and Regal sedans. After it Cadillac will bring the ATS , a rear-wheel-drive model placed under the CTS.

But that’s not all; the company also has plans for a new sedan, larger than the XTS and priced to compete with the BMW 7-series and Mercedes-Benz S-class sedans. It will be priced somewhere in the $75k area.

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