Back in September, a Canadian resident saw his $235,000 Ferrari F430 Scuderia confiscated after it was caught doing 124mph in a 37mph zone. Apparently, the owner of the Ferrari was racing a $75,000 BMW M6 that was also confiscated during the whole speeding ordeal. The two morons almost hit a mother walking with her children, so we don’t blame the Canadian police for taking away the two vehicles and giving the idiotic drivers 15-day driving bans.

"Our laws now work to take vehicles away from reckless drivers before they hurt someone, because they are demonstrating no regard for the safety of themselves or others on our roads," said one of the policemen. "This is probably the first time it’s been used at this level. We decided to use this particular new [forfeiture] section on this particular case, and I’m glad we did."

But there’s always a silver lining to every dark cloud. In this case, that silver lining comes in the form of an auction that saw the Ferrari F430 Scuderia being sold for $306,000 - quite a boost from its $235K price tag. The money will be divided between the vehicle’s owner and the government in an 80/20 split which is surprisingly fair considering the danger the driver put pedestrians in. Basically, the driver of the Ferrari walked out of there with more money than he paid for the car originally. We’re figuring, after the subtraction of the $235K, the owner saw a profit of about $10K. Depending on the fines given to him for his ignorant spectacle, he could actually make money on this deal.

The BMW M6 will be auctioned sometime next week. You never know, this guy may be able to turn a profit as well.

Source: AutoGuide

Despite its well-documented history – recent as it may be – of reliability issues, the Ferrari 458 Italia is still considered one of Ferrari’s crown jewels. It’s no surprise that the Prancing Horse has given the 458 Italia its own racing iteration - the 458 Challenge - which is going to participate in the 2011 Ferrari Challenge series.

Recently, Ferrari North America unveiled the official schedule of the racing series, taking it a number of renowned race tracks across North America, including two in Canada with one at Montreal where it is expected to once again support the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix and the other at Toronto where it will be held for the first time as a support race for Izod IndyCar Series.

The 2011 schedule will take place in the following locations in the corresponding dates: April 28th-May 1st at the Infineon Raceway, Sonoma, California; May 20th-22nd at the Laguna Seca, Monterey, California; June 10-12 at Montreal, Quebec, Canada as a support race for the Canadian Grand Prix; July 8th-10th at Toronto, Ontario, Canada as a support race for the IndyCar Series; July 29th-30th at Lime Rock Park, Lime Rock, Connecticut; Sept 23rd-25th at Homestead Miami Speedway, Homestead, Florida.

Despite it being a short calendar series, the 2011 Ferrari Challenge Series is shaping up to be a can’t-miss event among auto racing aficionados who are interested to know how the 458 Challenge is going to handle the competition from its equally high-powered Ferrari brethren.

Source: Ferrari

There are some accidents that are just completely unavoidable. With these types of accidents, you have no other option but to chalk it up to being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. This, unfortunately, isn’t one of them. A Porsche dealership in Laval, Quebec was servicing a Lamborghini Gallardo when a mechanic, after doing the necessary alignments on the car, decided to take it out for a spin despite of the less-than-ideal weather conditions.

While doing some test runs on the car, the mechanic lost control of it and ended up crashing it into a traffic light pole with the force of the crash causing the post to fall straight into the Gallardo.

It got a lot stranger when the Porsche dealership, who technically didn’t get permission from the driver to test run the car in the wet conditions, refused to pay any sort of compensation for the damages done to the car. We’re smelling a lawsuit here.

Whatever the case may be, this incident is a tough way to crash a Lamborghini Gallardo, and we’ve seen plenty of them in our time.

Source: Montreal CTV

A Fiat 500 “Numero Uno” was auctioned off for a stout $85,000 at the 17th annual Venetian ball in Toronto, Canada, making it the first 500 to be sold in the Great White North.

Fiat’s highly anticipated return to Canada wasn’t anymore evident than the overwhelming buzz the 500 hatchback generated during the event. Bidders quickly jumped at the opportunity to own the first 500 hatch in Canada enthusiastically making bids in an attempt to go home with the car. While the identity of the winning bidder wasn’t made known, the mere fact that the winning bid reached $85,000 – proceeds from the sale will go to Villa Charities, an organization that provides "culturally sensitive care" for the elderly Italian-Canadian population - is a testament that the Fiat 500 is going to go really well in Canada.

Ed Broadbear, Chrysler Canada’s vice president of marketing was impressed with how the 500 was received by his fellow Canadians. "The enthusiastic bidding for this iconic vehicle, and the fact that it sold for $85,000, underscore the excitement and interest the Fiat 500 has generated since Fiat’s return to Canada was first announced," he said.

Source: Fiat Canada
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Scion is an interesting story to say the least. The youth-oriented brand was supposed to attack the younger generation, but that didn’t work out too well. Now older customers are moving in and they are buying up cars like the xB and thexD in mass numbers. Now, Canadian elders can have the same privilege. Eh?

The first markets to receive these vehicles will be Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Scion dealerships will spring up in these cities, 45 in total. Toyota hopes that the brand will eventually catch on in Canada and as it does, more dealerships will rise from the ground in other cities.

So, thanks to Scion, Canadians can now buy those quirky machines instead of the overall bland lineup from Toyota. Well, there not that bad, but you get the point. For a full list of the 45 dealers, visit Every model will be offered to our neighbors.

Audi cooked up quite a stir at the Toronto International Film Festival recently when they, together with communications agency Company Lowe Roche, decided to pull a little guerilla advertising by attaching hundreds of Audi Quattro scale models in various locations in and around the city.

The 1:43 scale models came with magnets and a sticker that read, “Nothing sticks like Quattro” and were stuck to a number of objects, including lamp posts, newspaper stands, and TIFF barricades. Needless to say, the whole stunt attracted a lot of attention from bewildered passers-by, most of whom stopped to get their one scale model.

According to Geoggrey Roche, chairman of Lowe Roche and the proponent behind the campaign, “"We wanted to give people a real demonstration of how great the quattro all-wheel-drive system is.”

If Audi’s objective was to grab some attention with the new campaign, they obviously struck gold with it. After all, it wasn’t only about educating the local Torontonians on what the quatto all-wheel-drive system is, but in Roche’s words, “it’s also a great way to get the brand into the consumer’s hand.”

Source: Audi

A lot of people may not have a clue who Motive is – no, they’re not a band as some people have suggested – but one thing’s becoming apparently clear: the little Canadian automaker with the little EV city car, the Kestrel, is looking to make a big name in the auto industry.

It’s no secret that with an upstart brand like Motive, the most important thing is for them to get noticed, and the company is hoping that the Kestrel is their ticket to doing so. Made out of bio-fiber-based composite, the Kestrel is ridiculously light, weighing only 850 kg. More to that, the materials used for the car are said to, in addition to the reduction of the weight, be rust-proof, as well as increase impact absorption. As for its performance, the Kestrel is said to come with a lithium-ion battery that runs with a driving range of 100 miles and a top speed of 84 mph.

With the Kestrel, Motive is hoping to strengthen the increasing possibility of having EV cars in Canada. Motive, through a group that call themselves ‘Project Eve’, is pushing EV cars in the Great White North in an effort to promote cleaner city driving in the future. "We believe this is an important step for Canada and are extremely happy to be a part of such an innovative group of companies,” said Motive president Nathan Armstrong.

Source: Motive

It seems the supercar world is expanding every day, and the Pagani Zonda better watch out, as this new supercar aims to match the Zonda in performance and price. It’s a an admirable goal to attain; if they can pull it off. The new supercar comes from Canadian based company, De Macross Motors Corp (DMMC), and is called the GT1. The De Macross GT1 was developed in cooperation to component manufacturer Multimatic.

Although we are all used to seeing supercars with the usual GM-sourced V8 engine, the GT1 will be featuring a mid-mounted supercharged 5.4-liter V8 engine sourced from a little American company named Roush Yates Racing Engines (they also create engines for Ford’s Nascar vehicles). This project is mostly funded by Korean businessman Jahong Hur, who seems to have enough money to dabble in projects like this without fear of his bank account running low.

The GT1 will be built on a chassis made from carbon fiber and aluminum. The supercar also benefits from Multimatic’s F1 dampers and the inboard Multimatic Dynamic Suspension Spooling Valve.

The first full-scale De Macross GT1 is set to be completed in November 2010 with the first orders being taken in 2011. Production will be limited to 200 units.

Source: CAR
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If you are in the New Brunswick area from July 30th to Aug 15th, then you might want to check out a little play that might piqué the interest of car enthusiasts everywhere. Okay, everywhere is a little bit of an exaggeration, but some people might be interested. The Playhouse in Fredericton, New Brunswick is proud to bring its people, “The Bricklin”. Sound familiar? It should.

The Bricklin Safety Vehicle-1was a safety car built in New Brunswick, Canada from 1974-1976. It was created by Malcolm Bricklin, an American millionaire with apparently had nothing better to do with his time. Although Bricklin’s goal was to build a safe and economical sports car, what he ended up doing was building a car that was safe, but way too heavy. Inevitably, he got in way over his head and ended up costing the New Brunswick government tons of money.

The story was just too good to pass up and so this little tale was turned into a musical. Yes, you read that right. It is now a musical. Tim Yerxa, the Playhouse’s executive director, says they were going for a “cabaret-meets-disco-meets-car-show vibe.” Insert chuckle here.

The story obviously includes Malcolm Bricklin and his “enthusiastic backer,” Richard Hatfield as the story tells how these two chaps acquired the money needed to start and continue this venture for the measly numbers of years it was kept alive. The playwright even managed to slip in a love story while he was at it.

The biggest character in the show is a safety orange SV-1 whose gull-wing doors and headlights are supposedly set to operate during the show. Good luck with that, fellas. Way to put a funny spin on a major catastrophe.

Mercedes’ customers from Canada will be able to enjoy a new special designo program, available for the E-Class , S-Class , CL-Class , SL-Class , SLS AMG , M-Class, and G-Class . This program is available to individualize the Mercedes to the customer’s exact color wishes and makes Mercedes the first manufacturer to offer a matte paint on a production vehicle.

The new designo program combines exclusive paint finishes, hand-stitched leather appointments, and exotic trim elements to give customers all of the choices they will need to create a unique and personality driven look to their luxury car. Mercedes has added Allanite Grey, Cashmere White, and Platinum to their list of exterior paint colors as well as Platinum White, Light Brown, Jet Black, and Deep White to their leather options. Curly Maple, Tamo, Olive, and Bamboo trim color options add to the already luxurious and natural look of the vehicle. Also, certain models will also get an exclusive designo Labrador Blue or Star Galaxy stone trim.

The new exterior color choices are not just more visually appealing, but also serve a much more practical purpose. The MAGNO paint used reduces susceptibility to minor scratches because of the way the light reflects off the matte finish. It also has the ability to hide minor dirt and dust better than the traditional finishes used in production vehicles.

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