Two cars are having quite a battle north of the border for sales supremacy. In one corner, hailing from Japan is the smiling zoom-zoom of a car known as the Mazda3 and in the other corner, also from the Land of the Rising Sun, is perennial top-seller and all-around Canuck favorite, the Honda Civic .

OK, fancy introductions aside, the battle between the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic for the top spot in Canada’s top five sellers is as thin as a strand of hair with the Mazda3 outselling the Honda Civic by only 135 units (5,436 to 5,301). For the whole year, the gap between the two Japanese sedans is even smaller, with the Mazda Mazda 3 leading the Civic with 17,198 units sold from January to the end of April, compared to 17,095 - a 103-unit gap. Rounding out the top three is the Toyota Corolla , which still has an outside chance of catching up to the two front-runners with 13,509 units sold.

The race is interesting particularly because the Mazda3 and the Honda Civic are neck-and-neck with each other for the number one spot. So the next couple of months should an interesting period for the two companies, one in which we’re pretty sure they’re going to keep close tabs on, not just on their own sales, but on the other as well.

For the second time in history, Acura Canada is offering their customers a new limited edition package which began selling on May 10, 2010 for the 2010 Acura TL . The first time this package was offered was when the TL Type S was given a cosmetic revamping in 2003 with a similar A-spec package. Acura, Honda ’s luxury brand, will sell the new TL A-Spec package with a price tag of C$51,290.

The main feature on the new A-Spec package is the Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) which includes all of the features of the TL SH-AWD Technology Package trim. It can be nated to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Compared to a standard TL model , the A-Spec package adds: 19-inch alloy wheels with special summer performance tires and full aero kit skirt package with front, side and rear skirts. The front and rear of the car are finished off with a midnight chrome grille and rear piece. The last little bit of flair is the ’A-Spec’ badge and ’A-Spec’ floor mats.

No mention is made to the number of packages that will be made of the Acura TL A-spec, but if they follow the mold created by the Canadian A-spec back in ’03 then they would be offering them in about 800 units.

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While most of us can only afford Lamborghini ’s in the form of die-cast models, that hasn’t stopped the folks over at Sant’Agata from trying to convince us that if a real Lamborghini is out of the question, Lamborghini merchandise is not.

That much was evident when Lambo opened up new shops in both Beijing and Los Angeles last year. Now you can add another boutique to that list after the company officially opened the newest Lamborghini store in the heart of the Aberdeen Center in Vancouver last weekend.

Among the goodies the new Lamborghini store will begin offering to its Canadian fans are items from the brand’s Collezione fashion line. This line includes clothing, hats, shoes, briefcases, and a number of other knick-knacks.There were also a couple of Gallardos and Murcielagos on display at the store, but it doesn’t look like those cars were being sold.

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. president and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, expressed excitement over the prospect of opening up shop in Vancouver, saying that "Vancouver’s strong luxury market makes it a proper fit for expanding our line of fashion boutiques while remaining authentic to our brand DNA."

Source: Lamborghini

Whichever part of the world it’s in, one thing you can always count on with MINI is that it always comes out with uproariously funny commercials.

MINI Canada’s latest advertisement is precisely that; funny as heck and full of breasts, as in huge, jiggling man boobs. Oh, somewhere in the ad, there’s also a Cooper S Convertible having its wheels driven off by two buddies, complete with drifts, burnouts, and the jiggling body fat.

We never said that MINI had a penchant for masochistically disturbing sights, as is the case with the passenger’s nimble pecs. Whereas other brands won’t even dare to skim the ranks of the weird, MINI has long set up shop over and across that fence.

Source: Autonorth

This Hyundai TV spot from the Great White North is living proof why an ad like this wouldn’t even cut it in the US. To give you the jist, we have a sultry hot vixen walking up to a Hyundai Elantra and then proceeds to leave her lip mark on a piece of paper together with her digits. Cut that to the scene of a blond vixen who also goes up the Elantra, picks up the paper that’s wedged into the wiper blades, takes a look at it, smiles and enters the car.

You’d be pretty naïve if you didn’t pick up the sexual tone of the ad, especially after the owner of the Elantra seems to be a little bit curious about the woman leaving her phone number.

Check it out and you’ll be reminded once again why most of our ads here in the US can’t do what ads in other countries seem to get away with on a consistent basis.

Source: YouTube

Quebec isn’t exactly a burgeoning auto hotspot in that part of the world, but nevertheless, BMW picked it to host a launch party for the all-new 2011 BMW 5-Series . This recap video of the festivites, which was published by BMW, highlights the 5-Series’ long history in the Canadian market with BMW Laval being given the honor to personally unveil the new 5-Series.

As a gathering crowd of some pretty well-dressed folks witnessed the covers being pulled, you could really tell the enthusiasm and genuinely positive response to the car, a rare occurrence these days considering the large number of vehicles that have failed to meet people’s expectations.

The 2011 5-Series that will be sold in Canada will be similar to what’s going to be offered in the US with the base model being the 528i , followed by the 535i and topped off by the top-of-the-line 550i XDrive Gran Turismo .

Check out the video to see highlights of the Quebec launch party of the new 2011 BMW 5-Series.

Looks can indeed be deceiving and if you watch this new Nissan Canada commercial for the Sentra SE-R , you would think that the cars that were used during filming were actual Nissan vehicles.

Ok, that last statement isn’t entirely true and only somebody with a warped sense of dimensions would think that the car used in the ad is a real Sentra SE-R. Memo to you buddy: those are 1/10th scale RC models of the Sentra SE-R.

The more you watch the ad though, the more those cars begin to look like the real thing. Then again, Nissan isn’t exactly a neophyte when it comes to making commercials using RC vehicles so we shouldn’t at all be surprised that they dusted off an old marketing trick to promote their new Sentra SE-R.

If it works, it works. We shouldn’t be blaming Nissan for not coming out with something new to attract our attention. Rather, we should be blaming ourselves for continuing to enjoy something these guys have already done before. And to be honest, we can’t get enough of the commercial.

Source: Nissan

The Kia Forte Koup is, top to bottom, one of the best models in Kia’s line-up - and that’s saying a lot. Fortunately for our neighbors in the Great White North, Kia will be releasing an upgraded package of the Forte Koup exclusively for them - a new R package that will be available for either the SX or EX model.

Among the new features included in the R package includes a performance exhaust, AIM drop-in performance air filter, stiffer springs, a strut tower brace, front skirts, side sills and a rear spoiler. The package is finished by 18-inch Europa wheels that are wrapped in Yokohama S-Drive rubber.

Sadly, the package comes with no performance upgrades, although we’re sure that those lucky Canadians wouldn’t mind it one bit because the car looks extremely awesome.

Source: Autoblog

Driving a car may be second nature to a lot of us, but even the most experienced of drivers would have second thoughts about driving a car on tack in icy conditions. Obvious danger notwithstanding, nobody in their right mind would even attempt to do such a thing, unless of course, they were a Formula One driver.

To promote the return of Formula One to the Giles Villenueve circuit in Montreal, Sebastian Buemi, a driver for the Toro Rosso Formula One team, took a stab at driving his Toro Rosso Red Bull F1 car on the icy track of the Villenueve circuit. Armed with a special set of tungsten-studded Bridgestone tyres, Buemi blasted through the circuit as if it was just another day of practice.

Just goes to show that when it comes to driving skills, there are those that are good at it, and there are those that are born with it.

Source: YouTube

When things are going bad, it couldn’t possibly get any worse, right?
Try telling it to this guy.

BMW E90 3-Series gets buried in snow

After having his BMW 3-Series E90 become the victim of an attempted burglary where the driver side window was smashed, the owner was on his way to have it fixed when a blizzard suddenly struck, leaving him stuck at home. So he called a tow truck to help him but due to the terrible conditions of the winter storm, the tow truck never came and his E90 was left outside to endure the wrath of Mother Nature.

Needless to say, the car ended up getting buried under a massive pile of snow and because his window was broken, the snow ended up inside his car, freezing the interior in the process.

It took eight of his friends to dig out the buried E90 but not before the damage had been done. Snow may be fun for a lot of people, but when it’s of this quantity, it becomes a headache for a lot of people and this poor guy from Canada – and his BMW 3-Series E90 - had to bear witness to all of it.

Source: E90 Post

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