Lexus will only make 500 units of the LF-A, making it a rat race for anybody who’s interested in the highly-anticipated supercar’s release on January 11, 2010.

And if you’re living in North America, you’re going to have to act faster because only 150 units will come your way. Even worse for the Canadians is the fact that only 10 will be offered to the Great White North.

The number was confirmed by Lexus shortly after the company announced that the cars can be had through a lease program. Not that we’d think you’d have enough money to buy the LF-A straight up, but let’s be real; you won’t find that many people with around $400,000 – the cars expected price tag - lying around in your room.

What makes the LF-A so special – apart from the obvious top-notch performance package – is that each of the 500 cars will be customized uniquely depending on the tastes of the customer, including the type of interior stitching they’d want for their LF-As. Consequently, each of the 500 LFAs that are going to be made won’t be completed until a customer’s order has been completed.

Source: Inside Line

Remember that outrageous parking mishap that occurred a week ago in Ontario, Canada involving a BMW X5 driving on top of two cars?

It turns out that the surveillance video capturing the whole incident has been a popular video over the Internet with over 1.5 million people having watched the incident. One of the unfortunate victims of the accident was one Todd Jamison, who, if you watch the video again, owns the white Hyundai Elantra that the X5 unceremoniously flattened.

The sad part is, Jamison just finished off paying for the car a month ago so you could imagine his dismay seeing his freshly paid-for Elantra get flattened beyond repair. Fortunately, the folks from Hyundai motors Canada got hold of the video and decided to lift up Mr. Jamison’s spirits by
giving him a brand-new Hyundai Elantra Touring . It’s a pretty nice gesture from Hyundai and – as you can see in the video – something that Todd Jamison didn’t see coming.

As far as the woman responsible for the mishap, we don’t know if she felt guilty and wanted to turn herself in or she was just plain stupid returning to the scene of her crime because the day after the accident, she came back to Extreme Fitness and was identified by one of its employees. From what we’ve gathered, Little Miss Destruction Derby has been charged with failing to remain at the scene of an accident.

This is a video is a reminder that despite your cars being parked in an orderly manner at a parking lot, it’s still not safe from reckless drivers who have momentary lapses in judgment.

The incident happened in a parking lot outside an Extreme Fitness gym on Thornhill, Ontario. The surveillance video begins without incident – a group of cars parked quietly in the lot. Then, a BMW X5 shows up and is about to quietly park in one of the empty slots when the driver somehow accelerates the X5, going over the hoods of two hapless vehicles in the process.

With nobody in sight to see his boo-boo – or so he thought – the driver of the X5 quickly reverses his SUV out of the parking lot and goes about his merry way as if nothing happened. Unfortunately, the surveillance team captured every second of his buccaneering ways and once he’s identified, he’s going to have to pay a steep price for his over-eagerness to park.

Vancover was the scene of yet another Nissan GT-R crash after the owner of the sports car slammed into a VanCity Credit Union Bank. Fortunately, except for the driver who had a few gashes here and there, nobody was hurt or seriously injured from the accident.

According to News 1130, the GT-R barely hit a few civilians, including one who was just in front of the car after it crashed into a row of ATM machines. Another woman was inches away from being run over before jumping out of the way seconds before it would’ve hit her.

The police are currently investigating the situation and are not ruling out the idea that the GT-R may have been going faster than it should have, which probably led to the driver losing control of the car.

The driver was fortunate that nobody was seriously hurt because he would’ve had to face a much stiffer penalty than just paying for the damages. Then again, crashing a GT-R onto a bank is going to be pretty damaging to his bank account anyway.

Check the GTR crashed video after the jump.

Source: News 1130

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, Infiniti of Canada used the 14th annual Canadian Art Gallery Hop Gala to formally unveil a completely tattooed G37 . The car, which the company is proudly naming the G37 Anniversary Art Project Vehicle, was painted by renowned Montreal Artist Heidi Taillefer.

Infiniti also partnered with the world-famous circus touring group, Cirque du Soleil, on the project, and if you look closely at Taillefer’s artwork on the G37, you’ll notice that the design was inspired by no less than the highly innovative circus itself.

The partnership between Infiniti and Cirque du Soleil was formed as a result of the two company’s simultaneous anniversary celebrations. In addition to Inifiniti celebrating their 20th year in existence, Cirque du Soleil is celebrating an important milestone anniversary of its own, 25 years of entertaining and delighting crowds from all over the world.

Source: Newswire CA

Nobody said that you can’t own your own Audi R8 , even if it’s the two-dimensional, garden variety type.

That’s exactly what Audi Canada is promoting. In a unique ploy to get you to make your neighbors believe you have the Audi supercar in your garage, Audi Canada is selling a garage door wrap that is designed with an R8 parked inside.

Now, don’t get too excited. The R8 is nothing more than an enhanced photo and dreams of having the real one will cost you millions more. But if you’re the type who has status-seeking neighbors, then this should make them green with envy – at least until they find out that its nothing more than a wrap.

At first we thought that this was created by a novelty store that decided to use the R8 as some sort of prank. But after finding out that Audi Canada was behind this, we had to give them props for a really swell marketing ploy.

In the event that you fancy yourself decorating your garage with an R8, you can get this wrap for $469 Canadian.

Source: Audi R8

There’s always a thin line between being caught in the cross-fires and plunging head-on to it. That was the situation two men from Ottawa found themselves in and they chose the latter.

Riding in a 2008 Porsche 997 , Ryan O’Connor and Matt Speza – the brother of the Ottawa Senators’ Jason Speza – chased down a man who had just sexually assaulted a distraught woman.

The two men were driving around the streets of Ottawa when a woman jumped in front of them and asked for help after being sexually assaulted. O’Connor and Speza then told the woman to get in the car after which they chased down the suspect along a number of residential areas in the city, even going at speeds in excess of 170 kmh.

The chase finally ended when the assailant ran into a police barricade along Highway 416.

Source: The Star

For the longest time, General Motors was the undisputed champion in car sales in Canada among American manufacturers. It seemed that GM’s invincibility north of the border would never go challenged, that is until Ford turned the tables on the perennial powerhouse in June.

Ford rose to the top of the June monthly sales in Canada with 27,408 cars sold in June, supplanting General Motors on the top of the list for the first time in 50 years. Ford’s total sales are a little over 5,000 more than GM, which sold 22,334 cars. Ford’s surprising surge to the top was in large part caused by the high demand for locally-manufactured Ford vehicles including the Crown Victoria, the Grand Marquis and theLincoln Town Car . The Crown Victoria ’s high demand among Canadians stems from the fact that these cars are widely used as fleets of taxi cabs and police cruisers all over the country.

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Pontiac Canada revealed the Wave5, a new model that will go on sale in 2008. It will be offered in two trims: base and SE, each backed by a "worry free" five-year/160,000 km transferable powertrain warranty, plus Roadside Assistance and Courtesy Transportation.

Pontiac Wave5

The Wave5 is powered by a new, Ecotec 1.6L DOHC four-cylinder engine. The sophisticated engine uses Dual Continuous Variable Cam Phasing - two continuously adjustable camshafts - to optimize the charge cycle for fuel economy and performance. As a result, this 16-valve DOHC engine delivers more horsepower than the previous engine, with ratings of 107 horsepower and 106 lb.-ft. of torque.

Pontiac Wave5

The 2009 Pontiac Wave5 also comes standard with advanced dual-stage frontal air bags and the GM Passenger Sensing System, as well as standard head/thorax seat-mounted side air bags for front passengers. The head/thorax seat-mounted side air bags deploy during side impacts and are triggered by a sophisticated sensor system in the front doors.

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