Posted on by Ralph Kalal

OK. I’m old. If you’re not close to sixty, you don’t remember the glory and glamour that was the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. And nothing symbolized it more than “Sgt. Preston of the Yukon,” a popular television show in the 1950’s. The Mounties, then as now, have a motto: “We always get our man.” Well, seems they did this time. YouTube featured a video involving four people driving Ferrari Ferrari s and Lamborghinis at, shall we say, somewhat higher than posted speeds. As in 300 km per hour. Sin Sin ce (...)
Posted on by Shaun Keenan
When drifting stormed into America’s race tracks and parking lots a few short years ago, enthusiasts on both sides of our border took notice. It was September 2003 when Japanese sanctioning body, the D1 Grand Prix, held the first stateside drifting event in Irwindale, California in front of a frenzied packed house. Formula Drift (a.k.a. Formula D) soon joined the party with a competing series of its own – this one featuring more homegrown talent than the D1 – that’s fast growing into an (...)
Since General Motors of Canada unveiled the Top Tuner Solstice at the 2006 Sport Compact Performance Show in Montreal last October, the vehicle has caused shockwaves throughout the tuner scene. Both in Canada and in the United States, the Top Tuner Solstice has been received with overwhelming enthusiasm by tuners and performance enthusiasts. The Top Tuner Solstice returned to Montreal, as a feature in the GM of Canada display at the 2007 Montreal International Auto Show. Building on its (...)

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