Alfa Romeo’s arrival in North America has moved one step closer to becoming a reality after the Italian automaker announced the first 86 dealerships in the U.S. and Canada. The announcement is the latest piece of evidence that the company’s long-awaited return to North America will finally go on as scheduled.

All in all, 33 states in the U.S. will receive an Alfa Romeo dealership. Of those 33, California received the most number of dealerships at 12 with Texas a close second with 10 and Florida with nine. Other major auto markets also received a handful of dealerships, including Michigan (5), Ohio (4), Virginia (4), and Illinois (3). On the flip side, New York received only one dealership, which is a little surprising to say the least.

As for Canada, the entire country was given four dealerships, including two in Quebec and one for both Ontario and Vancouver.

Alfa Romeo is expected to announce more franchises later this year. But for now, these 86 dealers will get first dibs on selling new Alfa Romeo models in their market, including the 4C and the limited edition 4C Launch Edition .

Get ready, North America, Alfa Romeo is set to return!

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Canada is fast becoming the home to a lot of start-up manufacturers. Maybe there’s something to all that maple syrup?

Whatever it is, another manufacturer has come to life bearing yet another sports car . This one is called the Felino CB7, a Quebec-born vehicle that Antoine Bessette, the man behind the project, describes as "purpose built for the track" that could also be street legal.

If you’re wondering if Felino hastily prepared this vehicle by slapping on components, dropping an engine, and drawing its design on a sheet of paper, you’d be wrong. As a matter of fact, the company took four years to develop and build the concept car using only the finest materials around. It’s a high-performance vehicle that certainly looks the part, although the rear end leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion.

The Felino CB7 was unveiled at the 2014 Montreal International Auto Show, and from the looks of things, Felino built and developed a track racer that has the potential to be talked about by a lot of people for a long time.

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For those looking to own a piece of a supercar without having to burn their pockets, a new Canadian kit-car manufacturer may have the answer.

Dubuc Super Light Cars, a straightforward name for a company if there ever was one, has officially unveiled the Tomahawk, a mid-engine kit car that looks the part of a sports car, albeit one that comes in a 2,000-pound package.

According to Dubuc SLC, the Tomahawk will come with a lightweight polymer body and a 300-pound aluminum monocoque. Both components have been bonded and bolted together, ensuring that the car’s overall dimensions aren’t compromised by the infusion of the two parts.

From there, prospective customers will have the choice of dropping any type of engine they want on the bay, including a gas engine or an electric motor. The suspension setup was developed using components from a C4-generation Chevrolet Corvette .

Owing itself to looking like a bonafide sports car , the Tomahawk also comes with a number of sporty components, highlighted by doors that actually open at a 75-degree angle. Even as a kit car, this bad boy also has door panels, an ergonomically-designed cockpit, a dashboard, console seats, a see-through Targa roof, side mirrors, and a DOT-approved windshield.

Given the dimensions of the cockpit, Dubuc SLC says that the Tomahawk can accommodate a wide range of body types, even somebody who’s 6’3" and weighs 275 pounds.

The Dubuc SLC is scheduled to make its debut at the Montreal International Auto Show this coming January. Once it goes on sale, the body and the frame kit will be priced at CAD$19,995, which is a little under USD$19,000 based on current exchange rates. All in all, the price for a complete bid is estimated to be around CAD$30,000, or somewhere in the USD$ 28,000 range.

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When many people hear "an all-new Magnum," they think of a new and mighty delicious ice cream bar, but this certain isn’t an ice cream bar. The new Magnum MK5 is likely the hottest thing to come from Canada since Laura Vandervoort — it’s sleek, sexy and really, really fast.

After teasing it a few times, Canadian firm, Magnum Cars, decided to reveal the full details on the new MK5 track toy.

This racer clearly has its sites set on the BAC Mono , KTM X-Bow , Ariel Atom and the VUHL 05 , and it features elements inspired by the Formula 1 and Le Mans prototypes.

Like its aforementioned competitors, the MK5 is a lightweight, rear-wheel-drive, two-seat racer built on the company’s passion for motorsport. It is the brainchild Bruno St-Jacques — the son of Jean-Pierre St-Jacques who founded of the Magnum cars company back in the 1960s. The MK5 was built from passion to racing because Bruno is a well-rounded and successful racecar driver, and the MK5 was built as his dream machine.

The MK5 will be limited to only 20 units per year and is priced from $139,000. Customers interested can place their orders now, but the first deliveries will not be made until late 2014.

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No, a Canadian supercar is not a snowmobile. Very funny, guys.

Admittedly, Canada isn’t the first place you think of when you’re considering as home of the world’s finest supercars.

Montreal-based automaker Magnum hopes to change that and on October 30, it’s serving notice that Canada is potentially on its way to becoming the home of a mainstream supercar.

That date has been earmarked by Magnum as the day it will reveal the MK5, a lightweight, two-seater supercar that Magnum is set to develop with styling details befitting an exotic to go with a racecar-like performance.

Details are still limited at this point, but the way Magnum is building up for the reveal of the MK5 lends to the growing notion that it’s got quite a stunner in its hands. The company has indicated that development and testing of the MK5 has already been completed, leaving its official reveal as the final piece of the puzzle that needs to be put in to make the whole image complete.

Fortunately, we won’t have to wait too long to find out more about the Magnum MK5. It makes its debut at the end of the month and if Magnum lives up to all its selling, the MK5 could fulfill the company’s promise of making it "the first creation from Canada to hit the international track-day car market."

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We’re usually not prone to overt praises on these pages, but when it comes to Canadian tuner SR Auto Group, you can’t help but appreciate the level of work it does on its programs.

SR Auto Group has, on multiple occasions , taken a Lamborghini Aventador for a custom spin. And when presented with another of its kind to work on, it didn’t hesitate to put its hardhat on and get to work - again. That’s why we respect SR; no car is too difficult to give some aftermarket lovin’.

This time, the subject is a 2013 Nero Pegaso Aventador, a supercar that not only speaks the language of speed and power, but does so while wearing a menacing look on its face.

At the end of the day, SR Auto Group is all about bringing out the full potential of any super car it comes across. That includes the Aventador and to its credit, SR Auto Group never seems tire of giving the exotic Italian bull the respect it so richly deserves.

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It looks like the Canadian market received lots of attention from Bimmer today. After the 335i M Performance Edition we announced earlier, BMW Canada then announced the M6 Gran Coupe Launch Edition. The model was built in cooperation with BMW Individual and marks the launch of the M6 Grand Coupe into the Canadian market.

The M6 Gran Coupe Launch Edition is finished in an exclusive Pure Metal Silver paint combined with two-tone upholstery for the interior. The seat centers, lower dashboard and door inserts are offered in Merino Silverstone, and the seat bolsters, center console, upper dashboard and carpeting are offered in black.

The front and rear seats, dashboard, and the upper door parts are wrapped in black leather with contrasting Silverstone stitching. The rest of the interior is trimmed in a deep luster of BMW Individual Piano Black. As a standard feature, the M6 Launch Edition comes with a Bang & Olufsen audio system.

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BMW Canada has announced the launch of the 335i M Performance Edition. This version can be ordered in either a rear-wheel-drive or xDrive format and includes an array of M Performance components designed to enhance the styling and performance attributes of the 335i.

The 335i M Performance Edition receives a new M Performance Power Kit and M Performance Exhaust that increases the engine’s output to 326 horsepower and 332 pound-feet torque. As a result, the sedan will sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.9 seconds – 0.5 seconds faster than the standard 335i.

BMW is also offering a full M Performance aerodynamics kit, including: black kidney grille; front and rear diffuser; side skirts; and 20-inch alloy wheels. The model can be ordered in four exterior colors: Laguna Seca Blue, Valencia Orange, Black Sapphire and Glacier Silver. For the interior, BMW offers either a Coral Red leather or Black leather trim combined with an exclusive Piano Black BMW Individual trim.

The 335i M Performance Edition is priced at $63,300 (rear-wheel-drive version) and $65,900 (xDrive version). The model will be produced in July and August of 2013 but all orders must be received no later than May 17, 2013.

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Chevrolet SS Performance

No doubt, the most impressive launch of the moment is the new Chevrolet SS and while most of you were pretty excited to get one, we have a bad news for all the Canadian residents: General Motors decided not to offer it to our friends up north. Why the company took such a drastic decision is still a mystery, but we are hoping to get an explanation pretty soon.

On the other hand, all the other recently announced models, like the ELR, Spark EV or Corvette Stingray will still be offered in there.

This news comes hot on the heels of the announcement that Israel won’t be importing the SS either. This is not a choice made by GM, but rather a choice made by the country itself. Their reasoning for banning the SS is because the “SS” logo reminds them of the Nazis

This is good news to us, as it just means more SS models for the U.S.!

In August 2012, Canadian tuner SR Auto Group unveiled their latest program for the Ferrari 458 Italia , dubbed "Project Ice Blade" . Apparently, we used that word "latest" a little too prematurely because SR Auto Group has a new program for the Italian supercar.

Calling this one "Project Black Mist," SR Auto Group once again used aerodynamic parts from Italian tuner Novitec Rosso. With the help of the Novitec kit - it includes a front lip, a rear diffuser, and a rear aero spoiler - SR Auto Group managed to enhance the lines and curves of the Italian bad boy. From there, the paint was matched to the original exterior, which, as SR describes was the reason why the program was christened ’Black Mist.’

Rounding out the upgrades, as per usual, are a new set of wheels that SR picked themselves. In this case, the chased wheels are 21" (on the front) and 22" (on the rear) modern gloss black PUR NE1 Monoblock wheels.

Suffice to say, it’s another program that SR Auto Group can tuck under their belts. At this point, we’re just happy that they’ve been hitting these projects out of the park.

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