Caparo T1 Police Car

The bad boys are now in big trouble as Caparo has just unveiled a 200 mph police car! The Met Police has a teamed up with Brit supercar manufacturer, Caparo, to conceive a brand new Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) for the future – on show at MPH ’07 this weekend.

Capable of accelerating from a Police lay-by to 100mph in just 5 seconds and onto a top speed of 200mph, the Caparo T1 RRV would be deployed to hunt down car criminals within the M25.

Caparo T1 Police Car

Like everything else in the Met Police’s armoury, this bespoke RRV is intended as a deterrent. Just check your mirrors next time you fancy breaking the speed limit!


well IMO if this will going to be the police car, the crime rate will increase because police cars can Ram the bad guys car.

Well, Since when had the M25 ever had speed bumps?
Maybe things have chanegd in the last couple months since i last hit it!

Good fast car but it ent gonna stop a standard car without killing the drive of this beast

lol yeah thats exactly wat i was thinkin

How will this car go over speedbumps? Overlooking that, the rest is very cool

Heh I actually would like to see the police drive these

anyway point is it can’t stop a car with a weight of 3000lbs or more.....they better use a spike strip

I think with its3g’s on the skid pad, it will do just fine swerving out of the waysmiley

i think its great an all that they can finally catch sumone who is doin well over 180 in a high speed chase but catchin them is one thing stoppin the perks is another an this car jus doesn’t have that sort of potential....its obvious it weighs less than a ton so how could a car that is made of such light weight material stop a car lets say like a mustang if i cop tried to pull me over an was attempting to bump me off the road wit this lil kit car i was jus swing into them an send them off the road....kinda dumb idea to have it on the force

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