Alpine iDA-X001

As a “Made for iPod” Apple member, Alpine brings you the best in-vehicle iPod experience. Designed with the iPod lover in mind, the iDA-X001 exceeds all expectations combining the trusted sound you deserve, and easy control and access to all your music through a brand-new interface.

Fast Music Access with USB Connection

Super-fast access, plus ultimate portable player convenience. The new Full Speed USB connection instantly makes your iPod ready for the road- and even lets you play your USB thumb drives.

Connect your iPod to the iDA-X001 via a dedicated USB input, for the quickest access to your iPod. Why bother with individual CD’s when you can easily browse through your entire iPod collection? iPod USB adapter and USB cable included.

Amazing Sound Quality

Your iPod never sounded so good. With crystal-clear digital connection using a 24-Bit DAC and dynamic MediaXpander processing, your compact music collection will sound anything BUT compact. The iDA-X001 uses iPod’s USB connection not only for fast music access, but it also receives pure digital music information right from the iPod and sends it through the iDA-X001’s built-in 24-Bit digital sound converter. This ensures you get your music playback in its best sound and purist form. Hear the difference playing iTunes® lossless AAC files.

Bring Life Back Into Your MP3 Files

There is no “onefix” solution for in-vehicle sound quality problems. That’s why Alpine engineered the MediaXpander approach that makes vocals or instruments sound distinct regardless of the music source. Compressed audio formats whether it’s radio, CD or MP3, can sometimes eliminate some of the “life” from the music, but MediaXpander restores the harmonic structure across the full bandwidth, adding clarity to give your music life again.

Alpine iDA-X001

Simple, Seamless Operation

You’ve always wanted a head unit that works just like your iPod! You can search by all iPod search methods: Playlist, Artist, Album, Song, Genre, Podcast, Audiobooks,and Composer. No matter how many songs you’ve got on your iPod, it’s not a problem thanks to a fast connection speed and improved Quick Search featuring alphabet search.

High-Resolution TFT color display

The bright 2.2” high-resolution screen provides clear text and crisp, full color images and menus. The display uses the same TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) technology as do most LCD screens generally found on laptop computers. This makes text cleaner, reliable and easier to read.

Color Display Viewing Modes

Easy to see even in daylight, the display also features three different viewing modes to meet your preferences:

  1. Album art, song name, artist, album, volume bar, date, time.
  2. Album art (zoomed in to 200 x 200 pixel), song name.
  3. Song name, artist, album, volume bar, date, time.

Just hit the “view” switch on the iDA-X001 to toggle from one view to another.

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