Bentley Continental GT by Mansory

The Mansory redesigned side skirt and give the Bentley Continental GT a longer sleeker appearance and the fully chromed embellishment in stainless steel an exclusive touch.

The standard production performance level of 560 hp can be improved using Mansory’s electronic engineering package which increase the output to 630 hp. THis will give your Bentley Continental GT performance figures of 0-60 mph in 4.3 seconds and a top speed of 203 mph.


Nice ride, but i think it would look better in silver

looks very styled, nice

there is a article going round claiming that some idiot drove his lamborghini Lp640 to 219mph, this is a made up statement since the lp640 can only go as far as 205mph so if you see anyone post an article of that sort up here its FAKE!!

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