Porsche 997 Turbo by Cargraphic

Porsche 997 Turbo got a serious upgrade from Cargraphic. There are four stages of tuninf and the Turbo’s engine goes to 698 hp. The price for the entire conversion is $7800.

  • Kit 1: 3.6L 544 bhp
  • Kit 2: 3.6L 598 bhp
  • Kit 3: 3.8L 618 bhp
  • Kit 4: 3.8L 687 bhp

Also the 997 Turbo got the Cargraphic wheels that are the absolute finest 3 piece wheels on the market. This 3 piece high quality product

  • ‘’Made in Germany’’ incorporates the strongest, lightest and most durable components such as:
  • Heat treated cast stars or,
  • Spun forged machined stars,
  • Handpolished stainless steel outer rims,
  • Reinforced inner rims,
  • Internal bead retainer for secure and perfect tire fit as prescribed by TÜV standards,
  • Stainless steel bolts.

Race proven on the worlds most challenging race tracks the cargraphic RACING wheel is the world record holder on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. All wheels are TÜV approved with extreme high wheel loads, thereby insuring the highest quality and construction. The wheels are available in the following finishes: standard: silver center; custom: black center, SLC-chrome center, painted in any colour.

A Cargraphic stainless steel centercap is included or optional for a high tech finishing touch opt for a set of cargraphic center lock dummies.

Cargraphic bodykit RSC for 997 Turbo consisting of the following parts:

  • front spoilerlip PU-RIM
  • doors carbon
  • mirrors VISUAL CARBON
  • rear wing VISUAL CARBON

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