Zymol Starter Kit - Creame and Vinyl Treat: Tools & Hardware

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If you’re new to Zymöl or looking for the perfect gift, the Starter Kits are for you. They contain everything you need to give a car the complete Zymöl makeover. Starter Kits contain generous containers of the basic products that comprise the Zymöl Automotive Enhancement System: 8.5 oz. of Clear™ Auto Bathe, 8.5 oz. of HD-Cleanse™ Paintwork Cleaner, 8 oz. of Zymöl™ Wax for your car’s light or dark finish, wax applicator, pre-wax applicator, towel, and 5 ounces of Vinyl™ Conditioner or Treat™ Leather Conditioner (please specify).

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