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Put some focus back into your tunes? And some excitement back into your on-the-road listening time! Sony’s XS-W4621 4"x6" speakers feature a durable polypropylene cone and PEI balanced dome tweeter for crisp output from your factory speaker locations. You’ll hear a big improvement over your worn-out factory cones. These speakers will also fit in metric 4"x6" factory openings.

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Application Disc (Image Converter COLOR) * 256-Color OEL Display * Satellite Radio Controls: SIRIUS Ready * D/A Converter: Advanced Multi-bit DAC * CC Converter * BBE Digital High Definition Sound * DiAS Digital Tuner * ID-3 Tags: MP3/WMA Compatible with ID3/WMA Tag (CD/SD) * CD-R and CD-RW Playback: CD/CD-R/CD-RW Compatible * Anti-Shock Protection: Shock Proof Memory * Rotary Encoder Multi-Control * Pre-Amp Output Voltage: 5V Line Output Level * Pre-Amp Output Voltage: 5V Subwoofer Output Level * Pre-Amp Outputs: Gold-Plated Line Output Terminals (x 2 pairs) * Pre-Amp Outputs: Gold-Plated Subwoofer Output Terminals with Level/Frequency Control * Gold-Plated Adjustable Line Input Terminals * Motorized Slide-Out Face * Steering Remote Control Ready

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