Banzai Runner

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Genre: Action

Year : 1987

Tagline: When speed is the only thing that counts.

Cast overview : 
Dean Stockwell .... Billy Baxter
John Shepherd .... Beck Baxter
Charles Dierkop .... Traven
Barry Sattels .... Osborne
Billy Drago .... Syszek
Dawn Schneider .... Shelley
Ann Cooper .... Maysie
Rick Fitts .... Winaton
Marylou Kenworthy .... Dallas (as Mary Lou Kenworthy)
John Wheeler .... Hawkins
Eric Mason .... Captain Hernandez
Ron Sloan .... Greg
Steve Jamieson .... Dale
Kim Knode .... Moira
Biff Yeager .... Graham

Starring Dean Stockwell and Charles Dierkop, Banzai Runner concerns a modern-day phenomenon, common among the very rich.

Each year, an every-man-for-himself race is staged in the desert, with fat-cat motorists driving the custom cars at supersonic speed up and down the supposedly deserted highway.

During one of these contests, a policeman is killed. With no witnesses, it’s up to the cop’s brother (Stockwell) to see that justice is done. He accomplishes this by assuming a false identity and joining the race.

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