Le Mans

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Genre: Action, Adventure, Sport 

Year : 1971

Tagline: Steve McQueen takes you for a drive in the country. The country is France. The drive is at 200 MPH!

Cast overview : 
Steve McQueen .... Michael Delaney
Siegfried Rauch .... Erich Stahler
Elga Andersen .... Lisa Belgetti
Ronald Leigh-Hunt .... David Townsend
Fred Haltiner .... Johann Ritter
Luc Merenda .... Claude Aurac
Christopher Waite .... Larry Wilson
Louise Edlind .... Mrs. Anna Ritter
Angelo Infanti .... Lugo Abratte
Jean-Claude Bercq .... Paul-Jacques Dion
Michele Scalera .... Vito Scaliso
Gino Cassani .... Loretto Fuselli
Alfred Bell .... Tommy Hopkins
Carlo Cecchi .... Paolo Scadenza
Richard Rüdiger .... Bruno Frohm

Le Mans (director: Lee Katzin) is a movie about the 24 hours of Le Mans auto race starring Steve McQueen.

The film is today still popular among race fans as it is a relatively accurate documentation of the era, with a lot of racing but very few dialogue. Due to this circumstance, and partially due to the American market’s general low awareness of the Le Mans 24 Hour race, it was only a moderate success at the box office there.

It was filmed on the circuit during the 1970 race using genuine racing cars of the day, like mainly Porsche 917 and Ferrari Ferrari 512 who staged the main rivalry. Cheaper, disguised Lolas were used in the crash scenes. A Porsche 908 equipped with heavy movie cameras competed there, providing actual racing footage from the track. It finished the race despite having to stop often to change film.

Steve McQueen is ideally cast as a champion race car driver, participating in the famed 24-hour race headquartered in Le Mans, France. Though dedicated to Going for the Gold, McQueen finds time to romance widowed Elga Andersen. The dramatic angle to this plot wrinkle is that McQueen may well have been responsible for the death of Andersen’s husband during a previous car pile-up. 

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