Paris 2054 Renaissance

Genre:Animation / Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Cast Overview:
Patrick Floersheim .... Karas (voice)
Laura Blanc .... Bislane (voice)
Virginie Mery .... Ilona (voice)
Max Hayter .... Dellenbach
Gabriel Le Doze .... Dellenbach (voice)
Marco Lorenzini .... Muller
Marc Cassot .... Muller (voice)
Bruno Choel .... Amiel (voice)
Jean-François Wolff .... Farfella
Marc Alfos .... Farfella (voice)

Renaissance is a futuristic animated thriller that�s filmed in motion capture, animated in 3D and rendered in flat black and white. In the year 2054 in Paris, police and the Avalon Corp. are trying to find a kidnapped researcher who holds knowledge that can transform the future of the human species altogether.

The film was in development well before Robert Rodriguez put together his demo of Sin City and Robert Zemeckis started work on Polar Express. We came up with the first Renaissance concept back in 1997, explains Marc Miance, founder of Attitude Studio, a facility dedicated entirely to the recreation of high-end virtual characters. At the time, we were thinking of an animated CG film shot entirely in black and white with no shades of gray set in Paris.

When Miance met Aton Soumache and Christian Volckman, Soumache had just produced Volckmans short film, the multi award-winning Maaz that had been shot with real actors and then hand-painted frame by frame with Painter. They loved Miances idea and decided to produce a demo together. We were nave and ardent enough to go out there and pitch our film, smiles Soumache. Very quickly, they convinced French TV channel France 2 and French distributor Path� to pre-purchase the project.

Renaissance has the French touch, but it deals with universal values that people from around the world can relate to. And so, while some worried about costs and audiences, others were immediately seduced by the project and wanted to be a part of it. Thats what happened to Canadian film producer Jake Eberts who became an invaluable ally in the films financing. He saw the treatment and the three-minute demo, said, Thats Matrix in animation! and took the project to Hollywood.

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