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Genre: Action, Musical

Year : 1968

Tagline: Smooth, fast and in high gear!

Cast overview : 
Elvis Presley .... Steve Grayson
Nancy Sinatra .... Susan Jacks
Bill Bixby .... Kenny Donford
Gale Gordon .... R.W. Hepworth
William Schallert .... Abel Esterlake
Victoria Paige Meyerink .... Ellie Esterlake
Ross Hagen .... Paul Dado
Carl Ballantine .... Birdie Kebner
Poncie Ponce .... Juan Medala
Harry Hickox .... The Cook
Christopher West .... Billie Jo
Beverly Powers .... Mary Ann (as Miss Beverly Hills)
Richard Petty .... Himself
Buddy Baker .... Himself
Cale Yarborough .... Himself

The film plays heavily on Elvis’s love of cars and his famous generosity. He’s famous stock car racer Steve Grayson, who lives the good life in his doublewide mobile home.

When he runs into a down-on-his-luck ex-racer and widower, Abel Esterlake (William Schallert), and learns that he and his five young daughters are living out of a beat-up station wagon, Steve buys them a new station wagon to live in. He also helps out waitress Lori (Charlotte Considine, later schoolteacher Miss Beadle on Little House on the Prairie), buying her a trailer-load of furniture for her wedding day.

Meanwhile, both Elvis and childhood friend/no account manager Kenny (Bill Bixby) find little luck chasing after mysterious Susan Jacks (Nancy Sinatra).

She turns out to be an agent for IRS investigator R.W. Hepworth (Gale Gordon). Irresponsible, irrepressible Kenny has filed an outrageous tax return (including a $4,000 deduction for "air") and Steve’s left holding the bag, to the tune of $145,000 in back taxes. Moreover, because Kenny charged everything instead of paying cash, Esterlake loses his car, Lori loses her furniture, and Steve loses his trailer. Predictably, everything rides on the Big Race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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