The Last American Hero

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Genre: Drama, Sport

Year : 1973

Tagline: It took him 20 years to find out who he was and 2 laps to let the world know.

Cast overview : 
Jeff Bridges .... Elroy Jackson Jr. aka Junior Jackson
Valerie Perrine .... Marge, Morley’s Secretary
Geraldine Fitzgerald .... Mrs. Jackson
Ned Beatty .... Hackel, Derby Promoter
Gary Busey .... Wayne Jackson
Art Lund .... Elroy Jackson Sr.
Ed Lauter .... Burton Colt, Owner Atlas Enterprises
William Smith .... Kyle Kingman, Driver for Atlas Enterprises
Gregory Walcott .... Morley
Tom Ligon .... Lamar, Good Ole’ Boy
Ernie F. Orsatti .... Davie Baer, Driver
Erica Hagen .... Trina Kingman
James Murphy .... Spud
Lane Smith .... Rick Penny, Driver

Lamont Johnson’s subtle direction graces this true-life success story about racecar driver Junior Jackson (Jeff Bridges), based on stock-car champion Junior Johnson.

As a child in North Carolina, Jackson stays one step ahead of reform school until his father (Art Lund) is thrown in prison for moonshining. Seeing the error of his ways, Jackson begins to concentrate his driving skills, hoping to become a professional stock car racer to raise money to get his father released from jail.

Jackson rises from the ranks into the highest rung of professional stock car racing, but Jackson finds his independent nature is compromised by the corporate realities of the professional sports world.

The real Junior Johnson served as technical advisor on the film.

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