The Transporter

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Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime

Year: 2002

Tagline: Rules are made to be broken.

Cast overview: 
Jason Statham .... Frank Martin
Qi Shu .... Lai (as Shu Qi)
Matt Schulze .... Darren ’Wall Street’ Bettencourt
François Berléand .... Tarconi
Ric Young .... Mr. Kwai
Doug Rand .... Leader
Didier Saint Melin .... Boss
Tonio Descanvelle .... Thug 1
Laurent Desponds .... Thug 2
Matthieu Albertini .... Thug 3
Vincent Nemeth .... Pilot
Jean-Yves Bilien .... Little Thug
Jean-Marie Paris .... Giant Thug
Adrian Dearnell .... Newscaster
Alfred Lot .... Cop 1

Ex-Special Forces operator Frank Martin lives what seems to be a quiet life along the French Mediterranean, hiring himself out as a mercenary "transporter", who moves goods - human or otherwise - from one place to another. No questions asked.

Carrying out mysterious and sometimes dangerous tasks in his black, tricked out BMW 735, Frank adheres to a strict set of rules, which he never breaks: "never change the deal", "no names", "never open the package".

Frank’s newest ’transport’ seems no different from the countless ones he’s done in the past. He has been hired by an American known only as "Wall Street" to make a delivery, but when Frank stops along route, he notices his "package" is moving. Violating one of his own rules, Frank looks inside the bag, finding its contents to be a beautiful, gagged woman.

Frank’s steadfast adherence to his other two rules - which make up his basic code of survival - also quickly falls, hurtling him and his new companion on a road leading to shocking secrets, deadly complications, and the last thing Frank ever expected to come to believe: rules are made to be broken.

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