Automatic Easy Car Jack

I think you all know that a real pain can be sometimes to change your tires. Sometimes you get with bleeding hands, next day a terible ache in the back, and if you don’t know how to do it yourself you have to wait hours for road service.

Now you can use the Easy Car Jack and all this will be over. This fully motorized machine plugs into your cigarette lighter and allows for easy lug nut removal as well as jacking the car up without any strain on your back.

Computers have USB ports to power stuff whilst cars have the very useful cigarette lighter. The automatic easy car-jack utilises this power source to save you having to exert any energy. It comes complete with an electric nut remover and an electric jack, so the only bit of physical labour you need to do is getting the spare out the boot.

You can buy it in here, for a price of 129.95$

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