Back Off Buddy!

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Not sure if this is the wave of the future, but we could think of a few interesting uses for this new gadget. Do you have a message for the driver that’s following way too closely in your rear view mirror? Instead flipping them the ’ol bird, why not tell that person exactly what you think of their driving with this scrolling digital licence plate frame from Roadmaster USA (

Back Off Buddy!

If this version is too tacky for you, Roadmaster also makes one for the rear parcel of most vehicles (think fourth brake light). Is your car up for sale? No problem. The system can store and broadcast up to five different messages (up to 120 characters each) personalized by you. Tell potential buyers how much and how to get a hold of you. Advertise your website, store or business on-the-go and/or while parked, give kudos for your favorite sports team’s latest win, or perhaps boast a bit to your competition at the next show and shine.

Back Off Buddy!

Messages can be combined or repeated and the speed and brightness of the LED adjusted with the included wireless remote. Beware, however, because while all states allow non-scrolling messages to be displayed in moving vehicles, some may restrict the use of scrolling messages while the vehicles is on the road and may only allow their use when the vehicle is parked or stationary. Roadmaster recommends that customers check their state and local regulations to see if scrolling LED products can be used while their vehicle is in motion.

For just under $60, think of the fun you could have on road trips! Express yourself like never before from behind the wheel. The scrolling systems ship with 99 preset words and phrases like “Help me,” “Slow down,” “Turning left,” “Your lights aren’t working” and “Baby on board.” Supposedly, they’re easy to install and include 12-Volt hard wiring.

Rather than rhyme off some messages I might broadcast with one of these, let’s hear some of yours instead!


Not wanted on my voyage. If anyone sees one, ram it and make sure this bit of brainlessness stays of the road. For ever.

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