Billet Pedals give your car a racing look

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There is nothing like racing style pedals! Having them in you car is not impossible.

Putco is a company with a major goal of selling shiny accessories for your car or truck. Last time I was on their website I saw their chrome accessory kit. Now I found some pretty nice custom-fitted Billet Pedals.


These pedals come in two designs Street or Track. The Track Design is a race-inspired CNC-milled traction finished pedal. The Street Design is smooth finished pedals. They both include the Gas, Brake, and clutch pedal if you need one. Both designs are made of a heavy gauge 1/4” Aluminum construction. The nice thing about these pedals is they have aggressive rubber nubs so your feet don’t skid across the pedals.

Billet Pedals give your car a racing look


If you’re worried about the pedals not fitting your car or truck, put that worry away; because Putco’s Billet Pedals are made to fit your car or truck based on its make and model. When you order the pedals on their website you are asked what type of car or truck you have and the year it was manufactured.


These pedals are cool because they give a different look to your car. Why not spoil yourself and dazzle up your car?


If you are interested just go online to Putco, and pick which design you want. Prices vary.

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